Debut films, filmed by young directors from all over the world. As a rule, participation in the contest is taken by representatives from 20 countries of the world. In the international competition, both feature films and documentary full-length and short films are presented. For several decades, Molodist's directors began their career, which later became world-famous - Francois Ozon, Tom Ticker, Bruno Dumont, Gaspar Noe and Alain Berliner.



Student films produced at leading European, American and Asian film schools during the year. The scope include features, documentaries and animated films. None longer than 45 minutes.



First short films created by the most promising directors. Films of various genres and styles produced either independently, or at cost of big studios. None longer than 45 minutes



Each year, debut films represent the most pressing trends in development of European and world cinema. These are the movies by yesterday’s students or young professionals who developed their skills outside school.



Festival program has its own jury and prize fund. This is an important start for Ukrainian cinema. The scope includes fiction, documentaries and animated films of Ukrainian directiors, produced in Ukraine or in co-production.



Special competition program for kids aged 10-14. This is not only an attempt to launch a dialog with kids; this is also a unique possibility to find out teenagers’ choice, as child jury chose the Best film.



 ‘Sunny Bunny’ program was established in 2001. Nowadays it is one of the greatest and most important LGBT-cultural events in Ukraine. High-quality films are aimed to represent LGBT community to a wide audience. By using powerful cinema art, we stand up against LGBT isolation and encourage everyone to join the social dialogue. One of the oldest LGBT movie awards has its own international jury to decide the winner.




Major cinema events of the year are brought to Kyiv with the shortest delay possible. This is the traditional festival program that has been drawing attention of the audience and press for more than a decade. It includes participants of the official selections and prize winners of the major film festivals of the world – Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, Karlovy Vary, etc. Combining cinema for the wide audience with the intellectual author’s statement, this selection makes the perfect space for observation of the latest trends in contemporary cinema.



A program initiated at the Molodist IFF in 2008 is dedicated to the centenaries of renowned masters of cinema.



A range of standalone film events that go beyond the formal concept borders of traditional festival programming.  It is a free space for representation of diverse topics and creation of special emphases.



Special festival program, created with the support of the Institute. Adam Mickiewicz (Poland). Within this framework, films devoted to the themes of freedom and tolerance are shown. We will showcase masterpieces, which in their time have become a real breakthrough in world cinematography. Man has always sought freedom, and Ukrainians have been fighting for it for years. This struggle is still ongoing. That is why we decided to include the program "Freedom" to this year's festival event - teaser of the 47th "Molodist". In our opinion, it is the most actual today, at a time when Ukrainians are fighting with an aggressor in the east.