Press Accreditation


Dear journalists,

the 47th Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist will be held on May 27 – June 3, 2018. Traditionally, Molodist KIFF takes place in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Molodist KIFF PRESS Accreditation opens on April 11 and closes on May 13, 2018. Please, see the Rules of Accreditation below. We will be glad to work with you this year!


Rules of Accreditation:

1) to obtain accreditation, please, fill in the form, paying special attention to photo requirements;

2) journalists shall submit their coverage plan for the 47th Molodist KIFF in their media (fill in a required field in the e-form);

3) journalists being accredited not for the first time, shall submit links or PDF files of their materials covering the Festival activities over the previous years;

4) journalists applying for the first time, shall affirm their professional competence providing at least 3 publications during the last year (providing a link or a PDF file of their materials);

5) the 47th Molodist Festival announcements shall be the necessary condition for press accreditation. The Press Center reserves the right to cancel confirmation of accreditation, if a journalist fails to submit links or PDF files of his/her publications in the specified media before May 21.


Press accreditation at the 47th Molodist KIFF is fee-based:

04/11/17 – 05/13/18 – UAH 300.00

Accreditation fee does not include transfer and accommodation for journalists.


Press Accreditation Procedure:

1) fill in the E-Form;

2) Molodist Press Center review your application and send you over instruction on accreditation fee payment;

3) you pay the accreditation fee;

4) Molodist Press Center send you the accreditation confirmation at the specified e-mail address (waiting for your links or PDF files of the 47th Molodist announcements if not submitted);

5) you submit links or PDF files of the 47th Molodist announcement publications not later than on May 21 – the accreditation is valid; otherwise – it is cancelled;

 6) you receive your badge and press kit (available at Molodist KIFF Press Center from May 26).


Please note that the grounds for denial of accreditation is failure to meet one of the selection criteria for journalists, as well as no photo or it does not correspond. If you are having problems with downloading photos, please send it to Molodist KIFF Press Center reserve their right to ask for additional information in the process of accreditation.

After the Festival, the accredited journalists shall provide a link or pdf files of publications about the Festival prior to June 30, 2018. We will be grateful for the efficient cooperation in the framework of the 47th Molodist KIFF which will be taken into account by the Press Center when providing press accreditation in the upcoming years.


PRESS Accreditation includes the following:

1) get a full package of the Festival materials

2) receive priority mailing from Molodist Press Center and announcements of special events of the Festival (additional registration)

3) priority when arranging interviews with guests, jury and organizing parties

4) access to the Festival events (entry by badge). All accredited journalists have the right to attend the following events at Kyiv IFF Molodist 2018:

  • Press events;
  • Press screenings;
  • Screenings at Kyiv Cinema Cultural Center before 06:00 p.m. (seats provided upon availability);
  • Evening screenings at Kyiv Cinema Cultural Center and all screenings in other cinemas (on a free basis, upon availability);
  • Out-of-Competition Program screenigs – if not shown during press screenings; provided upon availability;
  • Presentations;
  • Lectures;

 Please note that:

  1. Access to cinema hall for photo and video shooting is possible only before the screening. The journalists who are not staying for the film shall leave the hall before the screening. The journalists staying for the film shall turn off the cameras 3 minutes after the session begins.
  2. During the session, journalists may take seats for press (will be specially marked).
  3. PRESS Accreditation does not allow the journalists to attend special events at Molodist KIFF. Accreditation for special events is carried out separately. Please contact the Press Service at
  4. Press badges are individual and are non-transferable. Lost or forgotten badges must be re-purchased.


The Press Center is open from 10.00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.


Please, contact the Press Center for interview, press materials and pictures:

Anastasiya Pugach – Kyiv IFF Molodist Press secretary –