Molodist Kyiv international film festival
12 August 2020

49th Molodist KIFF announces the updated program of the film festival

On August 4 at the press conference of Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival we announced the main part of the program. Today we’re announcing new films, as well as special programs of the festival. The list of films is available in the attachment.

Non-competitive “Sunny Bunny” program

It has already become a tradition for Sunny Bunny, apart from full-length live action films competition, to include non-competitive film screenings of both shorts and features: documentaries, live action and animated movies.

Festival of festivals

Film program from the participants of the official selection of the prominent film festivals – Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, Karlovy Vary and others.

Ukrainian premieres

The newest Ukrainian films shot in the last year.

Nordic Lights

A collection of Scandinavian short films on LGBT topics from our partner film festival MIX Copenhagen (Denmark).

Valie Export

This program is a selection of films dedicated to the artistic practice of Valie Export. Today she is one of the world’s most influential artists, and her research on feminism is considered revolutionary.

Midnight screening

The program continues the tradition of late screenings of unconventional genre films.

Students Swiss Shorts

A guest program that presents the work of students from four major Swiss film schools. The selection was presented by the Jugendfilmtage festival (“Youth Film Days” in German).


A special program that doesn’t have a division into shorts and feature films. Presenting short films that were shot by ‘maitres’ of the cinema that are no less inferior to various full features.

Special events

A series of independent film events beyond the conceptual boundaries of traditional festival programs. Free space for presenting diverse topics and creation of special accents.

Watch Ukrainian

This program is dedicated to Ukrainian shorts that weren't selected for the main program. 

Short Insight

More than 1500 shorts are submitted to Molodist every year. ‘Short Insight’ program is a selection of films that didn’t make their way into the main competition.  

«Back To School»

Molodist makes a selection of the best films of film schools from around the world which is embodied in the “Back to School” program. This year it features the National University of Theater and Film “I.L. Caragiale” in Bucharest (UNATC) and the Higher National Institute of Performing Arts and Diffusion Techniques (INSAS).

Mirages of freedom. Ukrainian experimental cinema of the 1960s-80s

The history of Ukrainian avant-garde cinema dates back to the films of the 1920s. However, only the second half of the 20th century brought lightweight film cameras, and with them, the boom of amateur cinema, and thus, the opportunity to shoot completely different, freer and more outlandish movies. Here’s how, among the most daring films of the Soviet era, student graduation works were brought to life, which were filmed at the premises of the Kyiv Karpenko-Kary Institute by the future legends of Ukrainian cinema.

The Molodist Kyiv International International Film Festival will take place from August 22 to 30. Three kinds of festival passes are available on the ticketbox website: Student, Cinephile and Industry. All online screenings are free.


Non-Competition Program Sunny Bunny


 If It Were Love, Patric Chiha, France, 2020, 82'

Little Girl,  Sebastien Lifshitz,  France, 2020, 85'

Are You Proud?, Ashley Joiner, UK, 2018, 95'

Kiko's Saints, Manuel Marmier, France, 2019, 26'

A Proposal,  Gerlando Infuso,  Belgium, 2018, 15'

Playback, Agustina Comedi, Argentina, 2019, 14'

The Distance Between Us and the Sky, Vasilis Kekatos, Greece, France, 2019, 9'

Sparkling Candles, Thanasis Neofotistos, Greece, 2019, 10'




My World in Yours, Jenifer Malmqvist,  Sweden, 2019, 29'

Bacchus, Rikke Planeta,  Denmark, 2018, 6'

Entangled, Juho Reinikainen,  Finland, 2018, 5'

Break Me, Irasj Asanti, Norway, 2018, 15'

Amfi, Mathias Broe,  Denmark, 2018, 30'


Ukrainian premieres


Your Vasyl, Oleksandr Avsharov, Svitlana Rudiuk, Ukraine, 2019, 60'

 Mustache Funk, Oleksandr Kovsh,  Ukraine, 2019


Watch Ukrainian!


Objectively, Viktor Pryduvalov, Ukraine, 2019, 19'

 The Coffin, Kadim Tarasov, Ukraine, 2019, 8'

Shoelaces, Yuliia Tamtura, Ukraine, 2019, 6'

A Smoke Break, Mykhailo Illienko, Ukraine, 2019, 4'

Adamivna, Oleksandr Bykov, Ukraine, 2019, 14'

The Call, Kadim Tarasov,  Ukraine, 2019, 7'

The Monster. One Moment Before the Eternity, Kadim Tarasov, Ukraine, 2019, 18'

Suspended Coffee, Oksana Taranenko, Ukraine, 2019, 6'


Festival of Festivals


 Our Mothers, Cesar Diaz, Belgium, France, Guatemala, 2019, 78'

Fire Will Come, Oliver Laxe, Spain, France, Luxembourg, 2019, 85'

Patrick, Tim Mielants, Бельгія, Belgium, Netherlands, 2019, 97'




All Cats Are Grey in the Dark, Lasse Linder, Switzerland, 2019, 18'

Block B, Nora Longatti, Switzerland, 2019, 11'

Still Working, Julietta Korbel, Switzerland, 2019, 17'

 22:47 Line 34, Michael Karrer, Switzerland, 2019, 10'

Silent Storm, Anaïs Moog, Switzerland, 2019, 13'

The Lonely Orbit, Frederic Siegel, Benjamin Morard, Switzerland, 2019, 10'

The Pier Man, Switzerland, France, 2019, 21'


The Second Front. Stories of LGBT Soldiers


 L – Nastya, Maksym Nakonechnyi, Ukraine

 G – Nick, Maksym Nakonechnyi,  Ukraine

B – Yara,  Maksym Nakonechnyi,  Ukraine

T – Seb,  Maksym Nakonechnyi,  Ukraine


Midnight Special

 Amigo,  Oscar Martín, Spain, 2019, 83'

Cat Sticks, Ronny Sen,  India, 2019, 94'

Fried Barry, Ryan Kruger, South Africa, 2020, 105'

Instinct, Halina Reijn, Netherlands, 2019, 108'

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway, Miguel Llansó, Іспанія, Естонія, Ефіопія, Латвія, Румунія / Spain, Estonia, Ethiopia, Latvia, Romania, 2019, 82'

My Heart Can't Beat Unless You Tell It To,  Jonathan Cuartas,  USA, 2020, 89'

 Watch List, Ben Rekhi, Philippines, USA, Canada, 2019, 94'

The Intruder, Natalia Meta, Argentina, Mexico, 2020, 90'



Invisible Adversaries, Valie Export,  Austria, 1977, 110'

The Practice of Love, Valie Export, Austria, 1985, 90'

Self-Portrait with Head, Valie Export, Austria, 1967, 4'

Tap and Touch Cinema, Valie Export,  Austria, 1968, 2'

Breath Text: Love Poem, Valie Export, Austria, 1973, 2'

Space Seeing – Space Hearing, Valie Export,  Austria, 1974, 6'

Hyperbulie,  Valie Export, Austria, 1973, 7'

Delta. A Piece,  alie Export, Austria, 1977, 18'

the voice as performance, act and body, Valie Export,  Austria, 2007, 11'

...Remote...Remote…, Valie Export,  Austria, 1973, 10'

 Man & Woman & Animal, Valie Export, Austria, 1973, 8'

Adjunct Dislocations, Valie Export,  Austria, 1973, 10'

 i turn over the pictures of my voice in my head,  Valie Export, Austria, 2009, 12'

Lust, Valie Export,  Austria, 1986, 12'

 Interrupted Line,  Valie Export, Austria, 1972, 9'

Syntagma, Valie Export, Austria, 1983, 18'



Brigitte, Lynne Ramsay,  UK, 2019, 30'

Nimic,  Yorgos Lanthimos, Germany, UK, USA, 2019, 12'

 The Fall, Jonathan Glazer, UK, 2019, 7'

 The Staggering Girl, Luca Guadagnino, Italy, 2019, 37'


 Molodist. Short Insight




 Daughter, Daria Kashcheeva, Czech Republic, 2019, 15'

Numinosum,  Sergiu Negulici, Romania, 2019, 16'

 The Kite,  Martin Smatana, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, 2019, 13'

Shergar, Cora McKenna,  Denmark, 2020, 7'

 Such a Beautiful Town, Marta Koch,  Poland, 2019, 8'

Rain, Piotr Milczarek,  Poland, 2019, 5'

 Purpleboy, Alexandre Siqueira, Portugal, France, Belgium, 2019, 12'

Right Now,  Ciara Kerr,  UK, 2020, 4'

Boriya,  Sung Ah Min, France, 2019, 16'




Black Lagoon, Felipe Esparza Pérez, Перу / Peru, 2020, 34'

We Will Talk Again, Mateusz Buława, Poland, 2019


For Your Sake, Ronja Hemm,  Germany, 2019, 38'

 Baba,  Sarah Blok, Lisa Konno,  Netherlands, 2020, 14'




History of the Revolution, Maxime Martinot, France, 2019, 30'

Winter in the Rainforest, Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, Estonia, Lithuania, Mexico, 2019, 8'

Unexplainable Substance,  Maksym Kotskyi,  Ukraine, 2019, 5'

The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady,  Gabriel Abrantes,  France, Portugal, 2019, 20'

Average Happiness, Maja Gehrig, Switzerland, 2019, 7'

 Divided We Scroll,  Klaas Diersmann,  UK, 2019, 5'

Two Bodies on a Beach, Anna Paavilainen,  Finland, 2019, 20'


Molodist. Back to School


Equally Red and Blue, Georgiana Moldoveanu, Romania, 2018, 21'

 Silvia, Codrin Vasile,  Romania, 2019, 15'

Algae, Alma Buhagiar, Romania, 2019, 13'

 Monster, Laura Pop,  Romania, 2018, 4'

 A Mess at Apartment 14,  Radu Barbu, Romania, 2019, 15'

Parallel Worlds,  Andrei Tache Codreanu, Romania, 2019, 14'

A Night In Tokoriki, Roxana Stroe,  Romania, 2016, 18'

The Dragon With Two Heads, Páris Cannes, Belgium, 2019, 21'

 Machinarium,  Thomas Licata, Belgium, 2019, 17'

Gold Plated, Chloé Léonil, Belgium, 2019, 25'

Ismael,  Joséphine Jouannais,  Belgium, 2019, 14'

This Is Not a Suitcase, Lou du Pontavice, Belgium, 2019, 14'

Special Events


Adults in the Room,  Costa-Gavras,  France, Greece, 2019, 124'

 Jeune Juliette, Anne Émond, Canada, 2019, 92'

The Waters of the Bug River,  Marc Sagnol, France, Germany, 2020, 92'

Uferfrauen – Lesbian Life and Love in the GDR,  Barbara Wallbraun, Germany, 2019, 117'

Our Lady of the Nile,  Atiq Rahimi, France, Belgium, Rwanda, 2019, 93'

Papicha, Mounia Meddour, France, Algeria, Belgium, Qatar, 2019, 106'

ЧWhy Moths Fly to the Light?,  Zaur Dzhafarov, France, Ukraine, 2020, 62'

Let It Snow,  Stanislav Kapralov, Ukraine, USA, Spain, 2020, 87'

Black Bear, Lawrence Michael Levine, США / USA, 2020, 104'


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