29 May 2019

«Zero impunity» movie premiere – free entrance

Free of charge entrance on film which confronts war crimes and dives into basements of so-called «DNR» - «Zero impunity» at Molodist

In «Kyiv» cinema on May 30th at 17:30 as a part of Molodist International Film Festival will be presented a free of charge premier of documentary «Zero impunity / Нульова безкарність» (2019).

Free ticket could be received at accreditation booth.

«Zero impunity» – a project which is a central part of worldwide campaign that aims to stop unpunished sexual violence during the times of war conflicts.

Festival’s guests can not only hear the stories of prisoners and their close family and friends but also dive for 3 minutes – with the help of VR-helmet – into basement in DNR, where captives were held.

Mark – former interrogator from Guatemala. Alisa – one of the numerous victims of sexual assaults in Donbas. Fatima – 11 y.o. girl who, as had the others, suffered through sexual violence and tortures in Syrian prisons. These testimonies has specific faces but they are just few of many. However, most people do not hear (do not want to hear) the number of voices calling for help.

"Zero impunity" is a documentary that calls to join the global movement against sexual violence in war zones. There, voices from Syria, Ukraine, the Central African Republic and the United States are being heard. They speak about the terrible events that they have survived and the impunity of their executioners. Yet someone still could not / did not have time to speak.

The authors of the film, Stefan Hubert Bliss, Nicolas Bliss and Marion Gout, are keen to convey what is being hidden for the the long years to the "civilian population," and to strengthen the voices of victims and activists, demanding policy and attitudes changes about this problem.

VR-section will be installed on the background of the painting " PARALYSIS OF THE ROSE DREAM " (ПАРАЛІЧ ТРОЯНДОВОГО СНУ ) by artist Volodymyr Kuznetsov from the cycle "Dream " ("Дрімота") (Sewed sheets, paper, decoupage, applique, 4 x 4 m)

About the picture:

In Donetsk in the 1960's, a million roses were planted on the initiative of the Regional Party's leadership. Today, the so-called "DNR" zealously says: "Donetsk was once a city of a million roses, but today the city has reached the indicator of two million ..."

When the war continues, when public attention is actively opiated by massive propaganda, it becomes harder to comprehend reality and realize unresolved conflicts. The reality is as if dreaming in "sleep paralysis".

"Paralysis of sleep" is the definition of a state between sleep and awakening, a phenomenon characterized by a complete weakness of the muscles and the inability to move. Sleep paralysis often associated with horrible visions, to which a person cannot react in any way.

Half-dream, haze, drowsiness - they have hidden voices, unspoken words, which are dangerous to talk about in a society dominated by control, censorship and repression.

What to put in the light, what to leave under the cover of the night - to each his own.

Together with the authors of the project IFF Molodist call on to not be indifferent.

May 30th. 17:30. Red hall of the cinema "Kyiv". Free entrance.


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