The 49th Kyiv IFF Molodist will be held on May 30 - June 7, 2020

Accreditation period April 01 - May 17, 2020. The applications reception will be closed on May 18.

Kindly ask you to read recommendations to receive industry accreditation, access permissions to festival events and locations, requirements and confirmation of professional activity, as well as the accreditation fee before filling out the application form.

The accreditation fee would be announced in the beginning of 2020

Last year more than 500 industry representatives were accredited, which provided them with free access to screenings, lectures and master classes during the festival.

Festival accreditation is linked to individual persons and non-transferable. Accreditation enquiries are only processed during the official registration period. The submission of an application does not guarantee accreditation as the application is not valid until it is accepted and confirmed by the festival organizers. The organizers serve the right to accept or reject an application. As soon as the application has been approved the accredited person receives an e-mail with a link to pay the accreditation fee online. When the accreditation fee is paid by the applicant in the personal account on Filmchief the status of accreditation is changed to “granted”. In this case the applicant receives an accreditation badge.

Payment can be made through one of the following methods:

  • Online credit card payment by MasterCard / VISA through system;
  • Invoice payment via bank transfer (legal entities). The hard copy of the invoice together with the festival badge can be picked up at the accreditation counter.

The applicant can collect the badge at the respective accreditation counter by providing valid personal identification and confirmation of accreditation. Before the festival start all accredited persons will receive an e-mail with information about the location and opening hours of the accreditation counter. Festival badge can only be picked up by persons other than the applicant upon presentation of written authorization.

Over the entire duration of the festival a badge is required to access the festival areas. Persons without a badge can be refused entry by security personnel. A badge used by people other than the accreditation holder will be confiscated. Loss or theft of badges must be reported to the respective accreditation counter. The organizers reserve the right to not issue a replacement badge.

Persons under the age of 18 are not eligible for the festival accreditation. Exceptions are made for minors belonging to a festival film team or who only want to attend the program for children and teenagers named Teen Screen. Under-aged film team members or festival participants must be accompanied by an accredited adult at the festival.

The industry accreditation allows access to festival screenings of different sections (competitive and non-competitive programs) at certain venues by showing an appropriate badge for daytime screenings and by obtaining an appropriate ticket for evening screenings. The possibility to visit a film screening by showing a festival badge is valid on everyday basis till 6 p.m. upon free seats availability in the area reserved for accredited industry representatives. For particularly popular daytime screenings it is advised to arrive early in order to secure an advantageous place in the queue, because it is likely that the number of accredited people seeking admittance will exceed the number of seats reserved for this group.

Tickets for evening screenings are free of charge and can be ordered one day before a film screening and picked up in person at the accreditation counter by showing the badge. Tickets are issued on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability. Tickets for accredited festival participants are only valid for personal use and non-transferable. There is a maximum of one ticket per person per screening and time slot. If a film screening can’t be visited by the accredited person who received it this ticket should be returned at the respective issue counter or the accredited person has to inform a concerned festival representative to discard the ticket order. For expired tickets, there is no possibility to visit another screening of the film, because accredited guests can receive a maximum of one ticket per film.

Industry accreditation enables access to festival events (by showing the festival badge):

  • Film screenings in cinema “Kyiv” till 6 p.m. in case of free seats availability in the area reserved for accredited guests;
  • Evening screenings in cinema “Kyiv” in case a free ticket was pre-ordered and picked up by the accredited person 1 day before the screening which is subject to availability;
  • Films of non-competitive program if they weren’t showcased within press-screening program in case of free seats availability in the cinema hall (based on the pre-order of a free ticket);
  • Presentations;
  • Industry section;
  • Master-classes.

Industry accreditation includes access to master-classes, lectures and seminars within Molodist Talent Workshop upon showing a festival badge. An additional registration will be required for particularly popular master-classes which will be informed for accredited people separately. The participation in Talent Workshop events is free of charge, but the quantity of seats is limited. Some events may require additional confirmation which will also be requested via e-mail.

Industry accreditation allows access to the special festival event – Boat Meeting – an international co-production market within film festival “Molodist” that offers an opportunity for ambitious filmmakers to present their first or second feature film projects to the international film industry.

To apply for the industry accreditation the applicant has to fill in the questionnaire having made a personal account on Filmchief portal. A precondition for getting the accreditation is a proof of applicant’s current professional activity as a filmmaker or representative of the film industry, cultural institution or another film festival. A position and a company the applicant is working in should be pointed out in the questionnaire. If an applicant chooses option "Yes" to the question "Are you a film student?" it is necessary to mention the name of educational establishment.

The projects and activities of the last three years are crucial for accreditation (this information can be filled out in the field “Remarks”). The official letter about the occupied position from the company the applicant is working in should be provided as a proof of professional activity as well as the link to an up-to-date website.

Refunds of accreditation fees that have already been paid are only possible after cancellation in writing within the specified period. In this case money will be fully reimbursed.

For additional questions and technical issues concerning the industry accreditation process please contact following e-mails [email protected] and [email protected].