Concerning the situation around the cancellation of the screening of the film by Maryna Stepanska "Desaturated" within the framework of the 48th KIFF “Molodist” National Competition.

The official commentary by program coordinator of this competition program, Victor Hlon:

First of all, it is really frustrating to me as the program coordinator that "Desaturated" movie will not be shown on "Molodist".

Why did it happen? Perhaps the time context will help to clarify something:

- On May 10, I passed a comment from our technical coordinator about provided DCP-copy (projection film copy) of the "Desaturated"  to the director and producer of the film. It was said in the comment that in order to properly play the film, we need the so-called flat-version of the film based on ratio of the screen in the red hall of the "Kyiv" cinema. Instead, the authors of the film provided scope-version. (Here I will not explain the technical details for the non-experts, the main thing to understand is that there is a difference between flat and scope formats).

- On May 11, Maryna replied that the movie operator suggested to simply zoom in the image during the projection. I replied that it could be difficult to do right during the screening.

- On May 14, I asked if we would leave the provided scope-copy of the DCP?

- On May 17, the producer asked to wait for a new copy of the film, noting that if a new copy can not be made, it will be necessary to work with the existing DCP and to agree on exactly how the film should be shown during the checking. (It should be noted that the deadline for the submission of a projecting film copy was set to May 2, and the invitation to participate in the competition was received on April 23)

- Due to the production schedule of the festival, it was only possible to check the DCP-copies of the films of the National Contest participants directly in the projection hall on 23 and 24 May. Unfortunately, all of the "Desaturated" movie representatives could not be present at the check at that time.

- As an exception, we agreed to conduct an additional DCP check in the projection hall for "Desaturated" and several other National Competition films on the day of the screening - on May 30.

- On May 30, a full-fledged representative of the festival, a technical coordinator, was present at the check, who, in fact, conducted it and talked with the director on phone from the projection booth (again, to be able to conduct the check).

- The statement by Maryna Stepanska that the copy of the film is shown in a format different from the original sounds, to put it mildly, strange regarding authors' personal request to change the format.

Finally, I would like to add two things:

- We immediately met the wishes of the director and agreed not to have the second screening at the  "Cinemateka" hall. Thus, "Desaturated" should have become the only film of the National Competition, which would be shown once. (I will also emphasize that the festival - and me personally - always try to meet even the most demanding wishes of all participants. Obviously this leads to overtime work of the festival staff and occasionally causes such misunderstandings.)

- Given the experimental nature of the "Desaturated" movie, which touches, in particular, the issue of deconstructing cinema as a form, it is indicative that the screening of the film on "Molodist" quit the screen and cinema hall frames quite loudly even before the premiere. I hope that such publicity will help to attract additional attention to the screening of Maryna Stepanska if it, with God`s help, will happen sooner or later. Unfortunately, our jury will not be able to appreciate it.


Victor Hlon