The speech of Andriy Khalpakhchi, General Director of the KIFF Molodist started the event. He explained why «boat» is in the name, and announced members of the jury: «Someone asks why the boat. Our meetings were previously held on board of the ship. However, continuing to stay there was quite expensive, and we moved to the cinema,but kept the traditional name».

The jury consisted of the estonian representative at EAVE, Riina Sildos, the member of the European Film Academy Claudia Landsberger and the Star Media company producer, Oleksiy Terentyev.

After the introductory word, the main part of the event began – the presentation of ideas. Norwegian representatives, producer Deweek Bierkli Grawer (Дивеке Бйорклі Ґравер) and director Jonas Mattsov Gulbrandsen (Йонас Матцов Ґульбрандсен) were the first. They presented the plot of the future film «Ashes and Snow»: a journalist who, in the process of writing the article, comes across facts and circumstances that do not coincide completely with his well-known ideas about surroundings.

The next film «With Tied Eyes» was presented by the Ukrainian team – producer Valeria Sochyvets and director Taras Dron. «The movie is based on a real story. It is about a very strong woman fighting against the society. At the same time, it is about psychological trauma. For Ukrainians, this plot will be interesting because of the national struggle, for the international audience – because of a dramatic story of the girl who lost her boyfriend».

Yifat Prestelnyk and director Ram Nekhari from Israel presented their idea of ​​the film «Not My Country», which touches the problem of migrants in the country. «In the early 90's, Russians did not want to go to Israel, because we had a default. Now on the contrary, many go to Israel on permanent residence. Currently, about 50% of immigrants are from post-soviet countries. They live like in a bubble, almost without any interaction with the country until they go to the army. There everyone is equal. Our film is a story about a guy from Russia who wants to live like an Israeli. It seems to many that the film is negative. But it's not the case. We leave hope for the hero's life development, hope for change, etc».

The following project, «Soulvent», was presented by the Ukrainian team in the person of Maria and Anastasiya Starozhitsky and Yulia Cherniavska. They proposed the concept of salvaging the ozone layer by pouring human souls into holes. «It is a dystopia. We are talking about the global warming. And the fact that the least studied «organ» of a person can cure a planet. That is, the soul consists of such materials, which ozone holes can be filled with».

The film «Spas» was presented by director Maxym Nakonechny and producer Elizabeth Smith. It is a movie about a girl with not really a happy family life, difficulties in dealing with the surrounding, about the loss, war and traumas. This is, according to the authors, an important story about post-traumatic feelings after the war, this is «local story, but still there are many universal problems in the plot».

Then the audience heard the idea of ​​a «The 9th Step» movie directed by Irma Puzauskaite and producer Lucas Trimonis. In this story, the director has inves a lot from his experience. 11 years ago, herself, as her protagonist, began her way of deliverance from alcohol addiction. Irma Puzauskaite's film is a story about a young man who is slowly recovering from prolonged addiction, his teenage daughter with a bunch of fears and complexes she is hiding behind music classes and her friend, who is looking for big true love. When relationships between these three become too close, social roles are mixed, and fears and complexes break out.

A teaser of a film «Who do you love more?» directed by Tonya Noyabriova and producer Natalia Libet was presented next. It is a film about a girl who is very attached emotionally to her parents, so she feels any fluctuations in their relationship and reacts acutely to it. These swings have lasted for many years, the family is scattered. But, in her opinion, they should stay together at all costs. In this film, the director made an interesting parallel between the collapse of the USSR and the collapse of a family`s life.

Producer Anamaria Antochi and screenwriter James Olivier with a film «Yellow Tie» – a biopic about the musical giant Sergey Selibidache – were the last ones on pitching . This work was intended to show the story not about music, but about travel, successes and falls, dignity, strength, love and uneasy destiny of the famous conductor.

The Ukrainian project «With Tied Eyes» became the winner of the pitching and the Israeli film «Not My Country» was awarded with the special jury mention.