The Education and Culture Centre “Master Class” continues to host the guests of “Molodist”. This time, French producer Catherine Dussart, who helmed the International Jury of the 45th festival, shared her experience in the film industry.

The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere. Catherine spoke about the specifics of her work and said that the success of a film depends on the director's intention, which, in her opinion, is the most important thing, along with the quality of the script. “My job as a producer is to make the script better”, said Catherine.

When asked about her dreams, the producer said: “A good comedy can be a masterpiece. I have always been impressed by this genre. My dream is to make a comedy.”

Catherine Dussart is currently involved in more than five projects: “Even when I'm not looking for new projects, they still appear.”

The producer is happy to use new technologies that allow you to look at the storyline from a different angle. “You can always find a new way to tell the story”, says Catherine. In particular, one of her projects is a film in the form of virtual reality that intends to show the beauty of Cambodian culture from a new angle.

At the end of the conversation Catherine gave some advice to young filmmakers: “Be patient. It’s good to have a team of people that you trust. Listen to the others’ opinions, but not too much. It is important to be yourself, but try to use good ideas that come from other people. Be certain about what you want to do.”