Zhovten Cinema opened its doors for the annual children’s competition program “Molodist for Kids”.

The children’s jury included Sofia Rol, who will represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision, Antonio Johnson Brasileiro, pianist and winner of international competitions, actress Daria Kocherkova, pianist Elvira Chan Yuchzhen and winner of the international circus competition Dmitro Klimov, “the voice” of the Franko Theatre Maria Chernysh.

Among the special guests there were Zhanna Teteria, founder and president of the international children’s contest “Zoriani Mosty”, general director of “Molodist” Andriy Khalpakhchi and rector of Kyiv Children’s Academy of Arts, composer Mykhailo Chemberzhi.

Children and their parents watched the Ukrainian 3D-animated fantasy film directed by Manuk Depoian “Mykyta Kozhumiaka”, and the second floor of the Zhovten cinema hosted an exhibition of works made by the students of the Kyiv Children’s Academy of Arts.

“The exhibition contains works made in different techniques, different genres, but they all represent the pathos of “Molodist” – the desire to live and create. This is consistent with the basic postulates of the festival, which promotes humanistic ideas,” said Chemberzhi.

The artist Natalia Nikolaichuk added that “a painting is a portal that you can enter”.

Coordinator of the program “Molodist for Kids” Olena Zahorodniuk thanked the parents of the children’s jury and endorsed the initiative proposed by the mother and producer of Antonio of providing tickets to screenings for children from poor families.

The head of the children’s jury Antonio Johnson Brasileiro promised to be an objective judge: “The main thing is the goal of the film, and the acting.” Antonio’s mother stressed upon the fact that “the children are our future”.

The special guest of the children’s program, Ukrainian actor Viktor Andriienko, said: “Today you will watch a real Ukrainian film, a real children’s film. For four years “Molodist” has been giving something to the kids. On October 13 we had our premiere, and you will immediately see that film. Not next year, not in six months. I saw almost a thousandth people watch this animated film. In America, we will show the film later, and in China it will be released on the Chinese New Year”.