"Zet and two zeros" film by British director Peter Greenaway opened "Century" program and was dedicated to the 100th birthsday of the well-known operator Sacha Vierny.

Zet – is the beginning of the zoo sign. Two zeros - Oswald and Oscar – are Siamese twins. An absurd accident, bodies of decomposing animals, injuries, scars, broken glass, snails... Horrifying? - Beautiful.
Non-trivial aesthetics, like shaman-controlled rhythm, thousands of allusions and subtexts, a mixture of animal instincts with human passions - all of this creates a magical attraction to the Greenaway picture.

A Zed & Two Noughts | Piter Greenaway | Molodist`48 | Butterfly DeLux

The presentation of the movie by its author preceded the screening: "Sex and death - this is what drives absolutely everything. The first thing I see in you: you are the result of two people having had sex. Secondly - we will sooner or later die. And it's terribly beautiful"- Peter Greenaway said.

The "Great Darkened Days" movie by Canadian director Maxime Giroux continued the aesthetic pleasure. Bright colors of interiors and exteriors, shots filled with light, warm filters (operator Sara Mishara) turned a drama, full of historical allusions, into an oil painting of a talented artist. Despite being absolutely different in genre (historical, drama), in terms of tempo and way of acting, the film has become an organic continuation of the British movie and has generated a lot of questions from viewers about the historical context.

Simultaneously, the "Sunny Bunny" queer-cinema program started at the "Kyiv" cinema.
This year it was opened by the French sports comedy about the gay water polo team "The Shiny Shrimps". Dynamic, bright and enthusiastic – it’s about the other side of life and sports.
The movie was personally presented by director Cédric Le Gallo and actor Michael Abitebule:

"From the director's point of view, the work on the film was quite complicated. <...> Water polo is not easy to shoot - most of the events in the game are under water, and everything is allowed there" (Michael Abitebule)

"In general, I wanted to show that there is some tension within the community, we have a special humor, often caustic, sarcastic, and often offensive to other members of the community and some separate groups. I wanted to show how it all really happens. This tension, disrespect, misunderstanding exist in any community and we must talk about it. Our way of talking about it is humor". (Cédric Le Gallo)

On May 27th, the Ukrainian premieres program followed the above mentioned ones. It was opened by the film "365 days, Also known as the Year" by young Ukrainian director Dmitry Bondarchuk. This movie is the second work presented by the director at "Molodist" (the first "History of the Fish" was presented at the festival two years ago). The director could not attend the presentation of his premiere, but did not deny himself the pleasure of "saying" a welcome word:

"Work on the film lasted for almost a year, on average we managed to find five options for each day, it means that every day was presented in the film. For all this time, I have not learned anything new about the dates, all the same - their number and consistency, so a movie you will see is about the time, memory, about hopes, about values and about a person. Thank you for coming. Enjoy!"

A lot of interesting things are ahead! Follow the reviews!