Presentation of the film "A Skin so Soft" (Denis Kote, Canada) at the KMKF "Molodist'47". Cinema ''Kyiv'', Kiyv, Ukraine. 2018

Denis Cote is a Canadian filmmaker, the owner of an Alfred Bauer Berlinale prize for his film "Vic and Flo saw a bear". His films were demonstrated in Locarno many times ("Our private lives", "All that she wants"), and the film that was made in a feature and documentary genre "Carcasses" took a part in a program of Cannes Film Festival "Directors Fortnight". Denis visits "Molodist" third time – yesterday evening he presented his new film "A Skin so Soft", which was nominated for "Golden Leopard" prize at the Locarno Festival in 2017.

The movie tells about Jean-François, Ronald, Alexis, Cédric, Benoit and Maxim – the modern gladiators. Strongman, the professional bodybuilder and the veteran of sport, that became a coach share one desire. Film shows the severe confines in lives of those incomprehensible and beautiful beasts.

"I hope you found out something new about bodybuilding; not even found out, but felt, - said director at the meeting with the viewers. "Six guys told me about their lives, and then we together reconstructed their everyday lives. I. e. is wrong to say that it is a documentary, or a feature film. I knew for sure only one thing – in the end of the film I will take those guys to the car and drive them out of the city, to the nature. We didn't have a script, nor a plan, but I knew for sure what we do" - added Denis with a smile.

"When I started to film, I was not interested in bodybuilding, but I fell in love right away with how they treat their bodies, how they live it. I think it's great to watch people doing their job with passion. Bodybuilding can be treated differently, you can think they are crazy, but you can't disrespect those guys for their love and output, that they do it with".

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