Ivan Adamchuk was appointed the General Director of the Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival.

The decision was made by the Supervisory Board. Andriy Khalpakhchi will stay with Molodist as the Art Director and Creative Manager.

Andriy Khalpakhchi: “I support Ivan Adamchuk’s appointment as the General Director. I hope his experience will help to develop the Molodist Film Festival management. Personally, I’m happy to focus on the creative side of the festival. Particularly, considering that my work with the Council for State Support of Cinema takes up a significant portion of time. Nevertheless, I’m staying with the festival, which has become my life’s work, as the Art Director".

Ivan Adamchuk Previously held the position of CEO at Channel 5 (“5 kanal”) and was one of its founders. He has worked for the TV channel for over 20 years since its founding in 1997.


“I came to Molodist from the other world, the world of television where I lived for 34 years, but I have a lot of experience and desire to develop the festival which is almost 50 years old. This new world is somewhat familiar for me, and I sense it very well,” Ivan Adamchuk said.