The IN MEMORIAM program featured a film, "Jaco of Nanta”, by the famous French director Agnès Varda: a biographical picture dedicated to the childhood of her husband, Jacques Demy, based on  their shared scenario. The director died recently, her memory was honored by the Cannes Film Festival, and now – by "Molodist".

Introducing the film was Variety’s critic and the member of the jury of the program "Sunny Bunny" Peter Debruge, who was in close acquaintance with the director in person:

"This showing is a good opportunity to see the picture of two creators at the same time. This is a unique film, made by the wife of the famous French creator Jacques Demy about the childhood of her husband ... Agnès Varda made it in her style, combining different types of filming. One of them – black and white frames, the other part is almost completely shot with a portrait shot. An important part in the film is Varda's voice itself. I want this movie to light a desire in you to explore the creative works of Varda and Demy, and I hope that this trip will begin today. "