Kyiv Cinema hosted a press conference with the participants of the International Competition and the participants of the competition
program “Sunny Bunny” that was created to represent films with the LGBT-community topics at the 47th KIFF “Molodist”, as well as
regular sponsors of the film festival: the organizer of state lotteries "MSL", that was represented at the press conference by the Marketing
Director Pavlo Vaisero and patroness of arts Lyudmila Rusalina.

General Director of KIFF “Molodist” Andriy Khalpakhchi introduced long-term sponsors: "Patroness of arts, Lyudmila Rusalina,
will present a prize of $ 2,000 for the best feature film. Mr. Vaisero represents our oldest partner - the company "MSL”, which is the
sponsor of the Grand Prix of the Film Festival ($ 10,000)."

For his part, the marketing director of the company "MSL" emphasized on the problem of trust to lotteries in our country and told details
about a competition, which was conducted with the film festival: "Youth is a win-win lottery" within “Shoot & Play”. The goal is
simple - to give to the young artists the opportunity to show what benefits they see from lotteries and which similarities exist between
lotteries and youth, using 1-minute videos and social networks. We have begun to realize this project at our own expense within the
framework of a major social program that informs the large Ukrainian audience about the social role of lotteries around the world," said Pavlo Vaisero.

Lyudmila Rusalina emphasized on the importance of supporting the film festival: "It is a great honor and an inspiration for me to be a
part of such occasion, called "Molodist", in our country. In my opinion, cinema and film industry can become drivers of the Ukrainian economy."

Many questions at the press conference were directed to the Lithuanian director of the film "The Saint" - Andrius Blaževičius.
This is his debut feature film.

Action in the film takes place in 2008 in the Lithuanian provincial town. Country is in economic crisis, Vitas is fired from the factory.
The search for a new job does not give any result. The guy tries to twist a romance with a pretty hairdresser, but fails. Vitas embraces another
idea - along with his best friend, Petras, he plans to find a local guy who claims that he has seen Jesus Christ in their locality. Andrius Blaževičius
says about the movie: "The film is rather gloomy, but there is some good humor in it. And after all, it ends with the hope that I consider it to be
very important for my homeland. During 27 years of the independence of our small country there weren’t any films that showed the lives of
ordinary people." The director added that everything shown in the film – is a consequence of the deep economic crisis.

Journalists were interested in sources of funding for films in the native for film director Lithuania. Andrius replied: "We have two
sources of funding - sponsors and the state. We received the state funding, since the population of the country is small, with less than
three million people living here, it is impossible to do everything at the expense of the sponsors. After all, they invest money in
entertaining, commercial movies", - said the director.

Cameraman of the film "The Cakemaker", Omri Aloni, also came to Kyiv. He presented a film to the Ukrainian audiences.
This is an Israeli drama directed by Ofir Raul Graizer. The world premiere of the film was held in July 2017 at the 52nd International
Festival in Karlovy Vary, where it was awarded with the Ecumenical Jury Prize.

The young German Thomas is an ingenious cakemaker, who can turn even the simplest dishes into a real gastronomic masterpieces.
The desserts helped to fuel the passion between Thomas and the tourist Oran. However, their love lasted not for so long - Oran dies
during a car accident. After the death of his lover, Thomas heads to Israel – the birthplace of the man he adored. Despite prejudice
at his German origins, he becomes the pastry chef at a local café owned by the widow of the deceased Oran. Yet she hardly suspects
that the unnamed sorrow that connects her to the stranger is for one and the same man.

"The Cakemaker" - is a multicultural film, it compares European and Jewish cultures. "We wanted to make a film about people in
the first place, and it wasn’t that important for us whether it would be a story about two men, or about a man and a woman," said
cameraman, Omri Aloni, at the end of the conversation.

Andrius Blaževičius’ film, "The Saint", is competing for the title of the best feature film, statuette The Scythian Deer and $2,000,
as well as for the Grand Prix Film Festival and $10,000. The award ceremony will take place on June 3rd. "The Cakemaker" by
Ofir Raul Graizer can become the best LGBT movie of the “Molodist” festival. The Sunny Bunny Party will be held on June 2nd.