"Molodist. Prologue" will be held on October 21-22, 2017. The event will be presenting a forthcoming 47`th festival.

A ceremony will take place at 6 p.m., October 21 in National Opera of Ukraineand will introduce a renewed spring festival. There will be celebrity guests and partners of the festival on the red carpet. The honorable guests will be the city's leaders because the festival is supported by Kiev City State Administration (a memorandum of cooperation was signed last year). After the official ceremony the opening film "Peace to your home!" by Volodymyr Lert will be shown.

The rest of the events will be held at the cinemas "Kyiv" and "Ukraine".


The focus of these two days will be on young Ukrainian directors. On October 21-22, the National Competition will be held. The program department selected 18 films to participate in the competition. According to the terms of the festival, these are short-length films by Ukrainian directors, produced in Ukraine or in co-production with Ukraine.The winner, in addition to the "Golden Deer", will receive a cash prize of 50,000 UAH from MSL, the general partner of the festival.


Wieland Speck - a curator of the Panorama section at the Berlin International Film Festival. He has been working at Berlinale since 1982. In 1992, he became the director of Panorama, one of the main and largest sections of the festival, which annually screens over 40 films.

- Ivan Madeo - a Swiss producer. In 2014, his film «The Circle» won the main prize on Panorama section on Berlinale.

- The representative from Ukraine is adjusting


The program "Freedom" will be demonstrated by the support of Adam Mickiewicz Institute (Poland). It will be shown by 6 films dedicated to the themes of freedom and tolerance. The section will open with the legendary film by Andrzej Wajda "Man of Iron". In 1981, this film received the Golden Palm Award  at the Cannes Film Festival, and this year its restored copy was first shown at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.


October 22 - all-Ukrainian premiere of the movie "The Line" (Ukraine and Slovakia) will be held. The film will be presented simultaneously in two halls of the cinema "Ukraine". In the center of the story - contraband of the cigarettes on the Slovak-Ukrainian border. This film  has just been nominated for "Oscars" from Slovakia. It was first shown at the film festival in Karlovy Vary, where "The Line" won the prize for the best directing.


Within the framework of the Festival of Festivals program, the guests of Molodist will see one of the most interesting films this year, "T2 Trainspotting", which has never been released in Ukraine. The film is a continuation of the well-known masterpiece of Danny Boyle film "Trainspotting" and inspired by Irvine Welsh's novel "Porno". Oscar-winning director assembled in the second part all the stars of the first film, led by Ewan McGregor. According to the story, the events in "T2 Trainspotting" occur in 20 years after the escape of Mark Renton.

Also, we will show the film "The Divine Order", which was nominated for Academy Awards from Switzerland. The film tells about the struggle of Swiss women for their rights. They were able to vote only after the referendum in 1971.


The film "Call Me By Your Name" will be shown within the "Sunny Bunny" program, which is dedicated to films on LGBT issues. The film became a standout of this year’s Berlin International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival - the prestigious independent film festival. The work directed by Luca Guadagnino is based on the novel of the same name by André Aciman and tells a love story between a 17-year-old boy and a 24-year-old scientist.


The traditional Molodist industrial section is held during the two-day festival, as well. We plan to organize a conference FILM IN KYIV, where the specialists in the film industry will take part. We'll speak about Kyiv as a promising location for filmmaking, discuss all the pros and cons of working in the metropolis.


During our traditional pitching the experts will consider the film projects of young filmmakers from different countries of the world.


Philip Illienko, Head at Ukrainian State Film Agency

- Ivo Kummer, Head of Swiss Film Department

Ilann Girard, Producer (France)

- Representative of Star Media (Ukraine)

The winner will receive a certificate of $10,000 for post-production services of the Star Media Corporation.

 Molodist. Prologue PRESS-CONFERENCE will be held on October 12,2017.