The winner of the National Competition of 47th Molodist KIFF was selected to Cinéfondation Residence of Cannes.

Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk will present the project of his first full-length feature film "Pamfir".  

It was already presented on Boat Meeting in 2015. 

Cinéfondation Residence (The Résidence du Festival) welcomes every year in Paris a dozen young foreign directors who work there on their first or second fictional feature film project, in two sessions lasting four and a half months (from October 1st to mid February, and from the end of February to mid July).

The device makes available to them a place of residence in the heart of Paris, a personalised programme accompanying the writing of their scripts, and a collective programme of forums with film industry professionals. The participants also receive a 800-euro grant per month, possibility to attend numerous cinemas, film festivals and lessons.

The Residence helps to promote the film projects on Cinemart of Rotterdam International Film Festival, Open Doors of Locarno Film Festival and others. 

The film project would be represented in French national center for cinema CNC during Cannes Film Festival.