The Ukrainian Film Days are organised by the Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist with the support of Ukraine's Ministry of Information Policy. It will be held in the Vue Cinema – Shepherd’s Bush (West 12 Shopping Centre, London) on November 17-18, 2018. The event is now an annual showcase of some of the best and most notable fresh Ukrainian films - both national blockbusters and foreign festival favourites.

Schedule of the event:

  • The Stronghold - Saturday, 17.11., 11:00
  • When the Trees Fall - Saturday, 17.11., 14:15
  • War for Peace - Sunday, 18.11., 11:00
  • Falling - Sunday, 18.11., 14:15

The Stronghold (directed by Yuriy Kovalyov) is a YA fantasy rooted in Ukrainian legends. Vitko, a present-day teenage boy, goes 1,000 years back into the past where he must face black magic and an army led by a giant stone monster.

When the Trees Fall (written and directed by Marysia Nikitiuk) is one of Ukraine's most promising debuts this year. It's a story of a five year old rebellious girl Vitka with her teenage cousin Larysa and her boyfriend, the young criminal Scar, which unfolds in a Ukrainian provincial setting. Larysa finds herself at a crossroads after the death of her father. Yearning to be self-made, the village community ostracizes her for loving Scar. Larysa's mother is too psychologically weak to support her daughter. Larysa and Scar plan to escape from a life of crime, misery and their relatives. But are they ready to pay the full price for freedom?

War for Peace (directed by Yevhen Titarenko) is a documentary made by one volunteer of a medical battalion during the Russian aggression against Ukraine since 2014. “Regisseur” – his nom de guerre – is a paramedic who was a filmmaker before the war and has gathered footage everywhere his medical volunteer mates have deployed. The death of a journalist, the bombardment of heavy artillery, the evacuation of the wounded from a battle, the usual conversations in the basement during bombings, civilians remaining in the war zone, the first call of the released from captivity - all this will sweep in front of the viewer.

Falling (2017, directed by Marina Stepanska) is a story about the post-revolutionary generation of young Ukrainian people looking for their place in a modern Ukraine. It follows two bewildered people who meet at a crucial moment of their existence and experience few days of happiness together.

Admission is free upon registration. To register for your preferred screening, follow the links:

The Stronghold                 When the Trees Fall               War for Peace                        Falling