The new film by Sergei Loznitsa will be shown at "Molodist", which will run from the 22nd to the 30th of October! The film "Austerlitz" by the Ukrainian director will be shown during the non-competition festival program "Special Events". The film premiered at the 73th Venice Film Festival.
The documentary tells the story of museums that now operate in the former torture chambers.
"Austerlitz" is about the tourists of Auschwitz, who dispassionately take selfies in the barracks and take children to the former concentration camp as if to Disneyland.
The shooting took place at the former concentration camps of Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Ravensbrück, Sachsenhausen and Dora-Mittelbau.
Loznitsa is the author of 17 documentaries and two feature films. "The Event", a film about the 1991 coup, the director personally presented at the 45th Kyiv International Film Festival "Molodist". In 2010, at the 40th "Molodist", his full-length feature debut "My Joy" won the Grand Prix.