The program of the 47th Kyiv IFF Molodist has been announced. The film festival will take place from May 27 to June 3.

47th "Molodist" – is more than 200 full-footed and short films. The audience will be able to see the most brilliant debut films in the competition programs (student films, short films, full-footed films) and contemporary Ukrainian short films in the National Competition. As always, Kyiv IFF Molodist will feature the most booming films of the last year in non-competition programs.

For the first time in its long history, Kyiv IFF Molodist will take place in the refreshed spring format and will leave cinema halls - screenings and featured events will take place in the open air, on popular open areas of Kyiv.

The film festival will be held with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency. As the Head of the State Film Agency Pylyp Illenko noted, ‘State Film Agency has always supported Kyiv IFF Molodist, as it is one of the most important cineevents in Ukraine. It is also one of the largest Ukrainian film brands in the world, because it is here where many well-known European filmmakers debuted. Every year we try to support Molodist as much as possible, and this year the state support of the festival is in the amount of 4 million UAH, which is approximately three times more than last year. It is nice that a significant part of the films which were included in the national contest was created with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency’.

Festival locations:

  • Kyiv cinema;
  • Ukraine cinema;
  • Cinema City;
  • Postal Square\ Poshtova Square;
  • Truhaniv Island, ‘Kyiv South Coast’\ ‘Usznuy bereh Kyiva’ club;
  • House of education and culture Master Class.

The Postal Square\ Poshtova Square itself will become the site where the festival's opening ceremony and the winners awarding ceremony will take place. The opening film of the 47th Kyiv IFF Molodist is Mug by Malgoszata Shumovska  (pol. Twarz, 2018) – will be shown on a big screen. It received Jury Grand Prix – Silver Bear at the 68th Berlin Film Festival.

‘This is one of the most significant films of the last year, and I hope that nowadays, when cooperation with Polish cinematography is developing very fruitfully, this film will be interesting for the general public’, - said the general director of the festival Andriy Khalpakhchi.

According to the plot, the young rebel Jacek from Polish province enjoys listening to heavy music and dreams of escaping to a big city. But so far, he is forced to live with his relatives and work on construction site, where they make the highest statue of Jesus Christ in the world. One day he falls from the height and injures his face. After the operation his appearance was restored, but young man is not recognized either by the parents or his bride...

The Postal Square\ Poshtova Square will work as a cinema hall during the whole festival week. A large LED-screen will be installed here, which will allow to have screenings at both day and night. During the day, films of the Molodist Teen Screen competition program will be shown. An international child jury will evaluate movies, among which, in particular, will be children-refugees. It is planned to invite children from low-income families from all over Ukraine. In the evening, Postal Square\ Poshtova Square for a week will turn into Mecca for artistic and creative youth from all over Ukraine. Because, during the two evening screenings at 18:30 and 21:30 the audience will have the opportunity to see contemporary festival films and true cinehites.

Another festival open-air cinesite will be the ‘UBK’ Club on the Trukhaniv Island. The club will feature Molodist Midnight Cinema club. The highlight of the events is that screenings will be accompanied by loud parties with welcome-drinks and music by the best Kyiv DJs.

This year, the Kyiv IFF Molodist film festival is supported again by our oldest partner - UIA - Ukraine International Airlines. During a press conference, vice president of commerce Sergei Fomenko said that Ukrainian movies have recently started to be shown on board of Boeing 777, which replenished the fleet of aircrafts.

‘This year, Kyiv IFF Molodist is a special event for us. We received new Boeing 777 aircrafts, on board of which we show our passengers Ukrainian movies with subtitles. Among them are such well-known films as Storozhova zastava, Trubach, Povodyr, Nikita Kozhumyaka. We work with famous content provider Inflight Dublin, the basis of our cooperation is the adoption of only licensed content on board,’- Mr. Fomenko said.

Cooperation with the Red Cross International Committee

This year the festival for the first time will cooperate with the Red Cross International Committee Delegation (RCIC) in Ukraine. With the organization`s assistance the screening of the Peter-Yana de Peu's  film ‘Earth of Enlightened’ will take place within Kyiv IFF Molodist

‘As a part of our joint special festival program, viewers will be able to watch the film ‘The Land of Enlightened’ directed by Peter-Jan de Peu and talk to him after the screening. Peter-Jan de Peu is an independent Belgian director and photographer. He has been travelling around Afghanistan for a long time, taking photos of the country and its people. The movie has been filmed for seven years and shows the lives of children born during the war, trying to understand how they perceive life during the conflict. We will also arrange a master class with Peter- Jan, during which the director will share experiences on how you could express the feelings, dreams and hopes of people from the zone of conflict in the language of cinema. Peter Jan is currently working on a film about the Ukrainian conflict and will share his impressions and ideas on how it is possible to reflect the ‘new reality’ in which people living along the conflict line ended up’, - Miladin Bogetych, spokesperson for the Red Cross International Committee Delegation in Ukraine told.

Industrial section

This year together with FILM.UA Faculty\Facultet within the festival an educational laboratory for film-makers will operate. Two-three master classes and lectures per day will help Ukrainian professionals gain new knowledge and skills to work on vivid films. Location - Education and Culture House ‘Master Class’.

Also on June 2, an exclusive 6-hour master class from will take place. During which industry professionals will learn how to use unmanned devices for filming.

New visual concept of the 47th Kyiv IFF Molodist

Design of posters for the 47th film festival was created by the students of Kyiv Academy of Media Arts. 10 teams from several courses at Kyiv Academy of Media Arts took part in a competition for the best project for the 47th Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist. This is the advertising direction of the 9th KAMA students` admission, which was featured by Art Direction, Copywriting and Strategy courses. In addition to the employees of the festival, the quality of the works was evaluated by the leading experts of Ukrainian advertising market. Among all the projects, Bogdan Grosula's team received the highest ratings from both festival team and industry professionals. One of the members of the jury was the representative of (agency that worked on the design for Eurovision-2017 in Kyiv), who highly appreciated Bogdan's work. Right after a victory in the competition for the best design for Molodist, he was invited to work for

Festival programs:

This year, Molodist will feature both traditional competition and out-of-competition programs.



Debut full-footed movies filmed by directors from around the world in 2016-2018. The main competition program of the festival presents works that reveal the most up-to-date tendencies in the development of European and world cinema. For several decades, directors who later gained world fame - Francois Ozon, Tom Ticker, Bruno Dumont, Gaspar Noe and Xavier Dolan starter their career at Molodist.

The winner receives $10,000 and the Scythian deer statuette for the best film at international competition.

We announce the first 7 films of the competition:

  1. Antenna

Country: Israel

Year: 2016
Duration: 100'
Director: Arrick Rothstein
Yoshua's sons realized too late that their father has completely gone mad because of a cellular antenna that the neighbor installed on his roof. They begin a confrontation, the consequences of which could not be foreseen. Thus, a complex and moving portrait of a vivid family that is still fighting ghosts of the past of their father, who survived the Holocaust, appears.

2. Custody (Jusqu'à la garde)

Country: France
Year: 2017
Duration: 90'

Director: Xavier Legrand
After divorce with Antoine Miriam wants to become the only custodian of their son Julien to protect him from the cruelty of his father. Antoine is at law with Miriam for an insult, and judge adopts a sentence of a joint ward. Being a hostage in a conflict between his parents, Julien takes a desperate step to prevent the worst.

3. I am Not a Witch

Country: Great Britain, France, Germany
Year: 2017
Duration: 94'

Director: Rungano Niño
When the eight-year-old Shula suddenly finds herself in a Zambian village alone, locals perceive her with suspicion. Little misunderstanding turns into a real trial, she is named a witch and is imprisoned for term of life in a state camp for witches. With time Shula adapts to the new environment, but there is another threat. Soon, she will have to make a difficult decision: to accept life in the camp or risk it for freedom.

 4. Scary Mother (Sashishi deda)

Country: Georgia, Estonia
Year: 2017
Duration: 107'
Director: Ana Urushadze
Manana is a faithful wife for her husband and three children who gave up her dream of becoming a writer long ago. At 50 years old, she has finally gained the courage to close for a long time in the room and write. Her husband is frightened by the harsh frankness of a novel, and he demands her to leave the work. Manana is immersed deeper into the darkness in order to fulfill his most enticing desires.\

5. Silent Night (Cicha noc)

Country: Poland
Year: 2017
Duration: 100'
Director: Piotr Domalewski
The story of Adam - a young economic migrant. After finding out about pregnancy of his girlfriend, he decides to change his life and open a company abroad. To do this, he goes to his hometown in eastern Poland in order to convince his relatives to sell their land. At a traditional Christmas dinner, Adam learns that he has to pay a much higher price than he expected.

6.The Heiresses (Las herederas)

Country: Paraguay, Germany, Uruguay, Brazil, Norway, France
Year: 2018
Duration: 95'
Directed by: Marcelo Martinezzi
The story of a woman from a happy family who inherited enough money for a comfortable life. But after 30 years of cohabitation with her partner, she realizes that the fortune is gone. New circumstances violate the usual balance, forcing her to change the world, which by this time seemed immutable.

7. Winter Brothers (Vinterbrødre)

Country: Denmark, Iceland
Year: 2017
Duration: 94'
Director: Glinur Palmason
Odyssey of two brothers in the working environment of one cold winter. The viewer will see their everyday routine, habits, rituals and bloody hostility that will erupt between brothers and another family. Only love is lacking, which younger brother, Emile, just needs.


Works of leading cinema schools students from the last year (fiction, documentary and animation).


International competition program. First films of young directors filmed after the film school. Films of different genres are selected for the competition.


Short films of any genre by Ukrainian directors, shot in Ukraine or in co-production.

Director of the best film of the competition will be awarded the Scythian deer prize and a cash prize of 50,000 hryvnias.

This year, 21 films got into the competition:

  1. Happy years (Щасливі роки), dir. Svetlana Shimko, Galina Yarmanova, 2018
  2. Outside the zone (Поза зоною), dir. Nikon Romanchenko, 2018
  3. Maniac (Маньяк), dir. Anton Somin, 2017
  4. Strong in a spirit (Сильні духом), dir. Vyacheslav Bihun, 2018
  5. dendro dreams, dir. Theta Ciburner, Elias Parvulesco, 2018
  6. Night with Natalia (Ніч з Наталею), dir. Andriy Bondarenko, 2017
  7. Swings (Гойдалки), dir. Valery Sochivets, 2017
  8. What if (Що якщо), dir. Vira Yakovenko, 2018
  9. The Word (Слово), dir. Igor Wysnewski, 2017
  10. New Year in a family circle (Новий рік в родинному колі), dir. Maxim Nakonechny, 2018
  11. Fishing Lesson (Урок риболовлі), dir. Kiril Zhekov, 2018
  12. Miqlar, dir. Agmedi-Ernes Sarikhalil, 2017
  13. State institution (Державна установа), dir. Yarema Malashchuk, Roman Khimay, 2017
  14. History from Kyiv (Київська історія), dir. Michael Masloboyshchikov, 2017
  15. Anahata (Анахата), dir. Rita Kuzmina, 2017
  16. Intervision-Lviv (Інтербачення-Львів), dir. Stanislav Menzelevsky, Anna Onufrienko, Elias Parvulesco, 2018
  17. The weightlifter (Штангіст), dir. Dmitry Sukholtiky-Sobchuk, 2018
  18. Crows were flying (Ворони летіли), dir. Daniel Milikovsky, 2018
  19. Kamaloka (Камалока), dir. Yaroslav Korotkov, 2018
  20. Milena (Мілена), dir. Alexander Frazy-Frazenko, 2017
  21. Tales. Unpubl. (Казки. Неопубл.), Dir. Ruslan Aritovich, 2018



The Sunny Bunny program was founded in 2001. Today it is the largest and the most important cultural LGBTQ event in the country. A high-quality festival movies that represent the LGBTQ-community to Ukrainian general public. Through the art of cinema we seek the foundations of understanding and call for a social dialogue. The winner of one of the oldest prizes in the world for LGBTQ films is being chosen by a special international jury.

Within the framework of ‘Sunny Bunny’ and ‘Festival of Festivals’ programs film ‘Fantastic Woman’ will be shown. This movie by Chilean director Sebastian Lelio gained the Teddy Award for the best fiction LGBT movie and the Silver Bear for the best script on last year's Berlin Film Festival, and recently - the Oscar for the best foreign language film. ‘Fantastic woman’ is a story of Maria whose beloved suddenly dies, and she has to defend her right to sorrow because his ex-wife accuses Maria of everything. And it would seem like the usual drama about a love triangle, but Maria is a transsexual. All her life she has to fight for the right to be a woman and to love.


Competition program for children Molodist Teen Screen is a unique opportunity to see the choice of a child, because the winner will be chosen by a children's jury. The program is designed for the age group of 10-14 years old.



A series of exclusive screenings of the best films of the year. Within this program, a movie by Romanian director Adina Pintillia Touch Me Not (2018) will be shown. This film became the biggest sensation of this year's Berlin Film Festival, where it won the Golden Bear and the prize for the best debut full-footed film. Movie was shot in mixed, semi-documental and semi-fiction genre. It tells the story of people who are afraid of touches and are trying to overcome this fear in themselves.

Also, a screening of another Berlinale hit – The Green Fog movie (2017) – will take place. This is a modern adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock's classic film Vertigo (1958).


The program is dedicated to a hundred years since the birth of outstanding masters of world`s cinema art. It was launched at Molodist in 2008. This year the prominent Swedish director Ingmar Bergman will be remembered: Autumn Sonata, a classic movie with the legendary Ingrid Bergman in a leading role who was nominated for the Oscar award and received a ‘Golden Globe’ in 1979, will be shown in his honor.


The biggest film festival events of the year - with the shortest delay - in Kyiv, at Molodist. Official selection participants and winners of the main festival players of the world - Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, Karlovy Vary and others. Combination of cinema for a general public and intellectual authors` expression allows observing the latest trends in contemporary cinema.


Over the past year, Ukraine is experiencing a real renaissance in cinema sphere and ‘Molodist’ Film Festival is not left aside. Within the program the hollowest Ukrainian films of 2017-2018.


Selection of contemporary Italian films that impressed viewers and critics both inside the country and beyond.


The traditional program of Molodist, which allows you to get acquainted with the best films from the Scandinavian countries.



FORMA - experimental cinema program;

Cinema is dead? Not at all! With new talented authors who impress the viewers around the world, it will last for a long time. We launch a debut films program with unique vision and visual style that will change your idea of what cinema can be. You have not seen cinema like this yet!


Ukrainian State Film Agency;

Kyiv City State Administration;

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Ukraine International Airlines - official airlines of the festival;

Kimberli jewelery house - official partner of award ceremony;

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