Press release

May 11th, 2018              

Full programme of 47th Kyiv Molodist IFF announced. Festival to take place between May 27th and June 3rd.

The press-conference of the 47th Molodist Kyiv IFF took place at the conference hall of the Aloft Kiev hotel at midday on May 11th. The festival’s programme and special events were announced.

Speakers present at the press-conference:

Vladyslav Liasovskyi, Head of the Molodist festival’s Supervisory Board;

Davide La Cecilia, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Italy to Ukraine;

Anna Pastore, Director of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Ukraine;

Ihor Shestopalov, the fstival’s programme director;

Bohdan Zhuk, the festival’s programme coordinator.

This year marks the first edition of Molodist in the warmer season, so both the programme and the festival locations have undergone significant changes.

As reported previously, the opening ceremony is to take place at Poshtova square on May 27th. It will kick off at 7 p.m., while the opening film of the 47th Kyiv IFF, Malgozhata Shumovska’s Mug will screen at 8 p.m. The same venue will host film shows over the entire week.

The Head of the festival’s Supervisory Board, Vladyslav Liasovskyi stressed that this year’s festival was supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and the Kyiv City State Administration.

‘The law on cinema support was adopted last year, and we have seen an increase in both the common cinema industry budget and the budget provided to us by the State Film Agency, which is UAH 4 billion. We have also found support with the Kyiv City State Administration. It is common practice for mass events to be banned while something like the UEFA Champion’s League Final is taking place in the city, and it is exclusively Molodist that has been made an exception for. The KCSA’s financial support amounts to UAH 1 million 400 thousand this year. The Ministry of Information Policy has also extended considerable support, offering UAH 4 million 500 thousand of financing, and I would like to express my gratitude personally to the Minister of Information Policy, Mr. Yuriy Stets,’ Vladysav Liasovskyi stated.

The new Italian cinema programme Focus Italia was presented by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Italy to Ukraine, MrDavide La Cecilia.

‘I am delighted to present the Italian film selection in both Kyiv and Ukraine within the 47th Molodist Kyiv IFF’s programme FOCUS ITALIA. This year’s Italian “mini-festival” in Ukraine is linked to the most prominent cinematic event in Italian histiry, presented by our ministry. On May 3rd, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy (MAECI) initiated the “Fare Cinema” programme on the premises of the famous studio “Cinecittà Studios.” Italy has a long-lasting tradition of high-quality filmmaking, and its contemporary film production deserves being supported as an integral element to the promotion of Italy’s brand all around the globe. Italy’s film industry also exerts a positive indirect impact on the economy and on tourism and improves the country’s image abroad,’ the Ambassador noted.




The winner of the Best Film of the International Competition shall receive a $10,000 prize and the Scythian Deer statuette.


  1. Antenna, Arik Rotstein. Israel, 2016, 100’
  2. Custody (Jusqu'à la garde), Xavier Legrand, France, 2017, 90’
  3. I am Not a Witch, Rungano Nyoni, Great Britain, France, Germany, 2017, 94’
  4. Scary Mother (Sashishi deda), Ana Urushadze, Georgia, Estonia, 2017, 107’
  5. Silent Night (Cicha noc), Piotr Domalewski, Poland, 2017, 100’
  6. The Heiresses (Las herederas), Marcelo Martinessi, Paraguay, Germany, Uruguay, Brazil, Norway, France, 2018, 95’
  7. Winter Brothers (Vinterbrødre), Hlynur Pálmason, Denmark, Iceland, 2017, 94
  8. Ravens (Korparna), Jens Assur, Sweden, 2017, 110’
  9. The Traveller (Le voyageur), Hadi Ghandour, France, Lebanon, 2016, 100’
  10. Retablo, Álvaro Delgado-Aparicio, Peru, Germany, Norway, 2017, 101’
  11. The Saint (Šventasis), Andrius Blaževičius, Lithuania, Poland, 2016, 96’



  1. Blue Christmas, Charlotte Wells, Great Britain, USA, 2017, 15’
  2. Close Ties, Zofia Kowalewska, Poland, 2016, 18’
  3. Facing Mecca, Jan-Eric Mack, Switzerland, 2017, 25’
  4. Great Wall of China, Aleksandra Odić, Germany, 2017, 36’
  5. Greetings from Kropsdam, Joren Molter, Netherlands, 2016, 24’
  6. Icebergs, Eirini Vianelli, Greece, USA, 2017, 9’
  7. My Turn, Kim Na-kyung, South Korea, 2017, 15’
  8. The Moment, Julia Tamtura, Ukraine, 2018, 6’
  9. Forest of Echoes, Luz Olivares Capelle, Austria, 2016, 30’
  10. Where the Summer Goes (chapters on youth), David Pinheiro Vicente, Portugal, 2018, 21’
  11. Paul Is Here, Valentina Maurel, Belgium, 2016, 24’
  12. The Lake, Daria Blokhina, Russia, 2016, 29’
  13. Fog, Claudia Costafreda Pires, Spain, 2017, 18’
  14. Ocean Swells, Sverre Matias Glenne, Norway, 2016, 14’
  15. Nine Knots, Lorena Colmenares, Venezuela, 2017, 11’



  1. Piled Cloud, Wong Cheuk Man, Hong Kong, 2017, 25’
  2. Kama-Loka, Yaroslav Korotkov, Ukraine, 2018, 31’
  3. Andro, Tornike Gogrichiani, Georgia, 2017, 25’
  4. Rewind Forward, Justin Stoneham, Switzerland, 2017, 24’
  5. Long bueno, Abílio Dias, Brazil, 2016, 30’
  6. Little Hands, Rémi Allier, Belgium, France, 2017, 15’
  7. The Second Bullet, Natig Rasul, Azerbaijan, 2017, 19’
  8. The Blissful Accidental Death, Sergiu Negulici, Romania, 2017, 15’
  9. Dependent, Phil Sheerin, Great Britain, 2017, 18’
  10. Skin, Inaam Attar, Lebanon, 2017, 17’
  11. Grandpa Walrus, Lucrèce Andreae, France, 2017, 15’
  12. All that Remains, Anne-Lise Morin, Belgium, 2017, 17’
  13. Grams, Camille Japy, France, 2017, 16’



The director of the winning film shall receive a Scythian Deer statuette as well as a UAH 50,000 prize.

  1. The Wonderful Years, Svitlana Shymko, Galyna Yarmanova, 2018
  2. Unavailable, Nikon Romanchenko, 2018
  3. Maniac, Anton Somin, 2017
  4. Strong in Spirit, Vyacheslav Bihun, 2018
  5. dendro dreams, Teta Tsybulnyk, Elias Parvulesco, 2018
  6. Night with Natalia, Andriy Bondarenko, 2017
  7. Swings, Valeria Sochyvets, 2017
  8. What if, Vera Yakovenko, 2018
  9. The Word, Igor Vysnevskyi, 2017
  10. New Year with Family, Maksym Nakonechnyi, 2018
  11. The Fly Fishing Lesson, Cyril Jekov, 2018
  12. The Nails, Ahmedi-Ernes Sarykhalil, 2017
  13. State Institution, Yarema Malashchuk, Roman Himey, 2017
  14. Kyiv Story, Michael Masloboishchykov, 2017
  15. Anahata, Rita Kuzmyna, 2017
  16. Lviv-Intervision, Stanislav Menzelevskyi, Anna Onufriienko, Elias Parvulesco, 2018
  17. Weightlifter, Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk, 2018
  18. Crows that Fly, Danyil Milikovskyi, 2018
  19. Kama-Loka, Yaroslav Korotkov, 2018
  20. Milena, Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko о, 2017
  21. Madtales. Unpublshd., Ruslan Aritovych, 2018
  22. 22. The Moment, Julia Tamtura, Ukraine, 2018




  1. The Cakemaker (Der Kuchenmacher), Ofir Raul Graizer, Israel, Germany, 2017, 105’
  2. Hard Paint (Tinta bruta), Filipe Matzembacher, Marcio Reolon, Brazil, 2018, 118’
  3. Tom of Finland, Dome Karukoski, Finland, 2017, 116’
  4. Reinventing Marvin (Marvin ou la belle éducation), Anne Fontaine, France, 2017, 115’
  5. A Moment in the Reeds (Tämä hetki kaislikossa), Mikko Makela, Finland, Great Britain, 2017, 107’
  6. My Days of Mercy, Tali Shalom Ezer, Great Britain, USA, 2017, 107’
  7. 7. Retablo, Álvaro Delgado-Aparicio, Peru, Germany, Norway, 2017, 101’
  8. The Heiresses (Las herederas), Marcelo Martinessi, Paraguay, Germany, Uruguay, Brazil, Norway, France, 2018, 95’


  1. Tranny Fag (Bixa Travesty), Cláudia Priscilla, Kiko Goifman, Brazil, 2018, 75’
  2. Obscuro Barroco, Evangelia Kranioti, Greece, France, 2018, 60’
  3. Nighthawks, Ron Peck, Great Britain, 1978, 113’


  1. Supa Modo, Likarion Wainaina, Kenya, Germany, 2018, 77`
  2. The Mystery of Green Hill (Uzbuna na Zelenom Vrhu), Čejen Černić, Croatia, 2017, 81`
  3. The Witch Hunters (Zlogonje), Raško Miljković, Serbia, Macedonia, 2018, 86`
  4. Behind the Blue Door (Za niebieskimi drzwiami), Mariusz Palej, Poland, 2016, 99`
  5. On Wheels (Sobre rodas), Mauro D’Addio, Brazil, 2017, 72`
  6. Half Ticket, Samit Kakkad, India, 2016, 100`



This year’s Molodist Kyiv IFF will present its first Italian film programme, Focus Italia. The visitors of the 47th festival will be treated to a selection of contemporary Italian films. These works featured at prestigious international festivals last year and received high-class national and international awards.

The programme was presented at the press-conference by Mr. Davide La Cecilia, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Italy to Ukraine, and Ms. Anna Pastore, Director of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Ukraine.

The programme includes the following films:

  1. Cinderella the Cat (Gatta Cenerentola), Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri, Dario Sansone, Italy, 2017, 86’
  2. Couch Potatoes (Gli sdraiati), Francesca Archibugi, Italy, 2017, 120’
  3. Emma (Il colore nascosto delle cose), Silvio Soldini, Italy, Switzerland, 2017, 115’
  4. Fortunata, Sergio Castellitto, Italy, 2017, 103’

Prix d'interprétation feminine (Best Actress Award) within the Un Certain Regard section of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, 3 nominations and 1Italian National Film Award.

  1. I’m Endless Like the Space (I’m – Infinita come lo spazio), Anne Riitta Ciccone, Italy, 2017, 112’
  2. Naples in Veils (Napoli velata ), Ferzan Ozpetek, Italy, 2017, 113’

9 nominations and 2 Italian National Film Awards.

  1. Tenderness (La tenerezza), Gianni Amelio, Italy, 2017, 110’

The Italian programme will be presented outside of Kyiv, too. Focus Italia will be presented in several Ukrainian cities, including Lviv, Kharkiv and Odesa.

Focus Italia in Lviv, June 4th to 6th, "Planeta kino, King Cross":

- Couch Potatoes (Gli sdraiati), Francesca Archibugi, Italy, 2017, 120’

- Tenderness (La tenerezza), Gianni Amelio, Italy, 2017, 110’

- Cinderella the Cat (Gatta Cenerentola), Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri, Dario Sansone, Italy, 2017, 86’

Focus Italia in Kharkiv, June 6th to 8th, "Planeta kino":

-  Fortunata, Sergio Castellitto, Italy, 2017, 103’

- Tenderness (La tenerezza), Gianni Amelio, Italy, 2017, 110’

- Cinderella the Cat (Gatta Cenerentola), Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri, Dario Sansone, Italy, 2017, 86’

Focus Italia in Odesa, June 8th to 10th, "Cinema city":

- Naples in Veils (Napoli velata ), Ferzan Ozpetek, Italy, 2017, 113’

- Tenderness (La tenerezza), Gianni Amelio, Italy, 2017, 110’

- Cinderella the Cat (Gatta Cenerentola), Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Marino Guarnieri, Dario Sansone, Italy, 2017, 86’


Poshtova square will also host a special screening of  The Green Fog, 2017, directed by Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson) accompanied by music by the Ukrainian composer Alla Zahaikevych.  The film presents a modern adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, Vertigo (1958). The film premiered at the Berlin Festival earlier this year, while in Kyiv it will be presented by one of its directors, Galen Johnson. Alla Zahaikevych’s live performance of the film’s soundtrack will serve as a highlight to the show. We are also delighted to announce that Alla Zahaykevych will be joining this year’s festival jury.

Programme films:

  1. Touch Me Not (Nu mă atinge-mă), Adina Pintilie, Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgary, France, 2018, 125’
  2. The Green Fog, Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson, Canada, USA, 2017, 65’
  3. The Land of the Enlightened, Pieter-Jan de Pue, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Afghanistan, 2016, 87’
  4. Blue My Mind, Lisa Brühlmann, Switzerland, 2017, 97’
  5. Have a Nice Day (Hao ji le), Liu Jian, China, 2017, 77’
  6. Mad Max: Fury Road Black&Chrome, George Miller, Australia, USA, 2015, 120`
  7. Outrage Coda, Takeshi Kitano, Japan, 2017, 104`
  8. Late Shift, Tobias Weber, Switzerland, Great Britain, 2016


Shepherds, Ihor Strembitskyi

Four 360-degree virtual reality documentary films by the Palme dOr for Best Short Film winning director Ihor Strembitskyi. The viewer is immersed in the embrace of primeval Ukrainian landscapes and the atemporality of the life of contemporary Carpathian shepherds. Profound portraits of men, embodying the ancient idea of unity between the soul and the world, mundane routines and labour, are presented here.


Mister Nobody, Oleksandr Fraze-Frazenko

A film focused on Ihor Kalynets, a 20th century Ukrainian modernist poet, political prisoner, sentences for his art. The film follows his day from morning till night. The name echoes a fairytale by Ihor Kalynets, based on the folk tale of the glove.


The Hill of Hell, Roman Perfilyev

Maya is unable to get over her mother’s mysterious disappearing at Lysa Hora. After a random meeting with a stranger, she is compelled to go to the ominous location, where she will have to face spiritual forces.



The program commemorates centuries since the birth of prominent filmmakers. Founded in 2008, it will celebrate the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman this year: to honour his memory, the “Autumn Sonata” will be screened, with the legendary Ingrid Bergman in the lead role, who received an Oscar nomination and won the Golden Globe for the film in 1979.


  1. 1. Insyriated, Philippe van Leeuw, Belgium, France, 2017, 85’
  2. A Skin So Soft (Ta peau si lisse), Denis Côté, Canada, 2017, 94’
  3. The Nothing Factory (A Fábrica de Nada), Pedro Pinho, Portugal, 2017, 176’
  4. Jupiters Moon (Jupiter holdja), Kornél Mundruczó, Hungary, Germany, 2017, 128’
  5. Home, Fien Troch, Belgium, 2016, 103’
  6. Wild Mouse (Wilde Maus), Josef Hader, Austria, 2017, 103’
  7. 3 Days in Quiberon (3 Tage in Quiberon), Emily Atef, Germany, Austria, France, 2018, 115’
  8. Mrs. Hyde (Madame Hyde), Serge Bozon, France, 2017, 95’



  1. Under the Tree (Undir trénu), Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson, Iceland, Denmark, Poland, Germany, 2017, 89’
  2. Holiday, Isabella Eklöf, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, 2018, 93’
  3. The Guilty, Gustav Möller, Denmark, 2018, 85’
  4. Tom of Finland, Dome Karukoski, Finland, 2017, 116’
  5. A Moment in the Reeds (Tämä hetki kaislikossa), Mikko Makela, Finland, Great Britain, 2017, 107’


  1. Quality Time, Daan Bakker, Netherlands, Norway, 2017, 90’
  2. Luk'Luk'I, Wayne Wapeemukwa, Canada, 2017, 90’
  3. Those Who Are Fine (Dene wos guet geit), Cyril Schäublin, Switzerland, Switzerland, 2017, 71’
  4. The Wild Boys (Les garçons sauvages), Bertrand Mandico, France, 2017, 110’
  5. Green White Green, Abba T. Makama, Nigeria, 2016, 102’
  6. Wedgetail, Greg Blakey, Australia, Germany, 2017, 82’
  7. 20/20 Deserted Country, Korniy Gricyuk, Ukraine, 2018, 70’

Festival guests

The German actor Jürgen Prochnow will be the festival’s honourable guest this year. Prochnow has played one of the lead roles in David Lynch’s “Dune” and starred in the Hollywood blockbusters “Air Force One”, “Judge Dredd” and “The Da Vinci Code.” His latest film, “The Final Journey,” will be presented at the festival. This film by the German director Nick Baker-Monteys follows the story of 92-year-old Eduard Leander, who refuses to see his life through in an old persons’ home following his wife’s death. Instead, joined by his granddaughter Adele, he takes a train to Ukraine, where he took part in WWII fights against the USSR as a Wehrmacht officer and also had a passionate love affair.

This year will mark the third time Molodist is visited by the Canadian director Denis Côté, Berlin and Locarno festival prizewinner. He will present his new film “A Skin So Soft” while he is in Kyiv.

Accommodation provided by the Aloft Kiev hotel, a proud partner of the festival; the guests and jury members of the festival will be hosted here. The hotel has opened only recently and has gained popularity in Kyiv in a rather short time. It presents a perfect place for contemporary travellers – innovative, stylish and comfortable. Visitors to the hotel are welcome to enjoy a cocktail at the bar, use the gym and even check in with pets. Enjoy a classy trip and exquisite accommodation in the new 24-story Aloft Kiev hotel in the very heart of the capital.


The Talent Workshop is a series of lectures and master-classes for Ukrainian filmmaking specialists. This year’s edition is supported by FILM.UA Faculty and the European Cinema Foundation.

In what has become a tradition, the Molodist Talent Workshop, hosted at the Master Klass Cultural and Education Centre, will be open to visitors between May 28th and June 2nd Over this period, the Workshop will provide an open space for knowledge exchange and communication between cinema professionals and filmmakers who are only making their first steps in the business.

The Talent Workshop’s partner, FILM.UA Faculty has come up with a series of meetups with experienced cinematographers: cameraman Yaroslav Pilunskyi, director, producer and second director Oleksii Smoliar, producer, head of POSTMODERN and Digital Cinema Ukraine Yurii Prylypko as well as Head of International Development and International Co-Production Liubov Krokhmalna.

We are eagerly awaiting the professional master-class by DJI Discover Aerial. It will provide visitors with an opportunity to hone their aerial photography skills with help from DroneUA pilots, take in recommendations coming directly from drone technology experts as well as receive advice from the official distributor of DJI in Ukraine, Smart Trading Co.

The guests of the festival will also deliver lectures, master-classes and host discussions. We will be discussing new methods of using music, the matter of filmmaking in times of war, writing a script on a difficult topic and other relevant issues in the contemporary filmmaking environment.


With support from the Ukraine State Film Agency;

Kyiv City State Administration;

Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine;

General partner – Lаnet.TV;

MSL — official partner, sponsor of the festival Grand Prix;

Ukraine International Airlinesthe festival’s official airline;

Aloft Hotels — the festival’s hotel;

McDonald's — the festival’s official partner;

The Kimberli Jewellery House the official partner of the awards ceremony;

Еspreso TV the festival’s leading television partner;

Kyiv Academy of Media Arts – the festival’s official partner;

Stella Artois the festival’s official partner;

Nasha Karta restaurants the festival’s official gastro-partner;

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Master Klass Cultural and Education Centre - the festival’s official partner;

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The “Kyiv’s Southern Bank” Club;

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Liudi Slovathe festival’s textual partner.


Focus the festival’s leading media partner;

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