47th Kyiv International Film Festival ‘Molodist’ will start on May 27th. There are
176 films in festival program, fifty of them - in competition programs, of which there
will be six. One of the brightest cineevents of the year will last until June 3rd.

Molodist Film Festival will be held with the support of the Ukrainian State Film
Agency, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and the Kyiv City State

We propose to get acquainted with the most interesting events of the 47th Molodist
Film Festival!

The solemn opening ceremony of the festival will take place on May 27 at 6:00 pm
on Poshtova Square. Director and screenwriter Tonya Noyabrieva and Victoria
Trofimenko will be the hosts, as well as actors Vyacheslav Dovzhenko and Roman

The festival will be opened by movie ‘Face / Mug’ by Malghoszata Shumovskaya.
The film received the Jury Grand Prix - "Silver Bear" at the last Berlin Film Festival.
This is a story about a boy Jacek, who really loves heavy metal, his girlfriend and
dog. His family, his hometown and a congregation consider him a funny stranger.
Jacek works on building site of the largest statue of Jesus in the world. When a
serious injury completely distorts him, he attracts the general attention: the first face
transplantation in the country was made for the young man. Thus, he faces the
problem of identity loss and rejection by a new society. It is worth mentioning that
this film is made with a great sense of humor. The Polish drama immediately became
one of the biggest cinema hits of this year.

This film can be seen not only by the guests of the opening ceremony, but also by
wide audience in the Kyiv cinema.

Day: May 27th
Location: Poshtova square, 20:30
Access by invitations
Place: Cinema Kyiv (red, blue halls)
Time: 21:00
Cost: 120 UAH

Free movie screening in VR
‘Shepherds’ are four documentary stories in the 360-degree virtual reality that will
be presented at this year's ‘Molodist’. Director - Igor Strembitsky is the first
Ukrainian winner of the Golden Palm branch of the Cannes Film Festival for the best
short film ‘Travelers’ in 2005. It is interesting that director has already received
several awards for the film ‘Shepherds’, in particular, the bronze award in the virtual
reality / 360 VR nomination at Virgin Spring Cinefest 2018. In addition, the film
‘Shepherds’ became the winner in the nomination ‘The Best Movie in Virtual Reality
/ 360 VR’ at Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2018, and also the winner in the Best
Documentary Film nomination at the 360 ​​Film Festival's Film Selection. 12
special helmets will help to implement the director`s extraordinary approach.
Unprecedented expanses of the Carpathians and life of modern shepherds will open
in front of viewers at the distance of an elongated hand. The director's emphasis in
this film is on the depth and sensibility of their characters. The portraits of people on
the screen show the ancient ties of the human world with the earth, their everyday
and hard work. You can watch the tape free of charge, in the lobby of the Kyiv
cinema, by pre-registration.

Day: May 30 - June 3
Place: Kyiv cinema
Time: 12:00 - 21:00
Cost: free of charge, pre-registration is required

Ukrainian Premiere of the film ‘Touch me not’ with the participation of Adina
Pintlieu and Laura Benson
The film-sensation of this year's Berlin film festival ‘Touch me not’ by a Romanian
director Adina Pintlie will be screened on ‘Molodist’. This movie received the
‘Golden Bear’ and the prize for the best debut feature film.
This is the story of three people who are afraid to touch each other. Through the thirst
for intimacy, they try to overcome old habits and taboos to be free. This is a deeply
sympathetic look on Laura`s, Thomase`s and Christian's emotional life.
Interestingly, the film was shot in a mixed, semi-documental and semi-fictional
genre. This is not the first ‘Molodist’ for the director. In 2007 she already was a
participant of the festival. Along with Adina Pintlieu the leading role actress in the
movie - Laura Benson will come to Kyiv.

Day: May 29th
Place: ‘Ukraine’ cinema (red hall)
Time: 20:00
Cost: 100-150 UAH

Scandinavian Panorama - Traditional ‘Molodist’ Program

‘Scandinavian panorama’ on the 47th ‘Molodist’ will be opened by a film ‘Vacation’
by a Swedish director Isabella Ecklof. The tape breaks every stereotype about

In the center of the film - a love triangle with the girl of a petty drug baron, who felt
into a trap of luxury and cruelty. Modern gangster history, in which all events take
place in a beautiful port city Bodrum in the Turkish Riviera.

‘Vacation’ was awarded in the nomination for the Jury Grand Prix at Sundance-2018
Film Festival. Author of the film will personally come to Kyiv to present the movie.
Also she will host a master class within Molodist Talent Workshop. Isabella is one of
the scriptwriters of the film Ali Abbasi ‘Border’ (Gräns), which on May 18th was
recognized as the best film of the Un Certain Regard Competition at the Cannes Film

Actually, the entire Scandinavian program at Cinema Citi is worth your attention. We
recommend watching ‘Amateur’, which was recognized as the best Scandinavian film
of the Gothenburg Festival, as well as ‘Wine’, which won the Audience Award at
Sundance Film Festival.

Day: May 28 - June 1
Place: Cinema Citi
Time: 21:00
Cost: 100 UAH

Screening of a Ukraine and Germany co-production movie ‘Leander's Last

‘The Last Leander's Trip’ movie by Nick Baker Montays is a joint film production of
Germany and Ukraine. Two families are in the center of the film: German and
Ukrainian, as well as two wars - World War II and a confrontation in Donbass.
German director managed to unite everything on the screen in one big life drama.
After the death of his wife, 92-year-old Eduard Leander refuses to live in the house
for the elderly. Instead, he, along with his granddaughter Adele catches a train and
goes to Ukraine, where, during the Second World War, he fought against the USSR
as an officer of Wehrmacht, and also had a passionate love.

The 107-minute movie was shot in Germany and Ukraine, with the production of
Tobis Film company with the support of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. director of
the film Nick Baker Montece will come to the capital to present the drama.

Day: May 28, 19:15
May 30, 14:30
Place: Kyiv cinema (red, blue halls)
Cost: 70 UAH, 100 UAH

Interactive film on ‘Molodist’

Tobias Weber's interactive thriller ‘Late shift’ is one story with countless storylines
and seven endings that depend on a choice of viewers. Student Matt finds himself
drawn into the robbery of a famous London auction house and has to prove him being
uninvolved in this. It will be interesting for viewers to watch the movie due to the
ability to decide in real-time for a hero and to manage the plot on their own. The
special application at any time of the screening will offer options for further
developments in the film. Of several presented, you can choose the desired option
and the one that gets the most votes will become an ending of the movie.

Day: May 30th
Location: Truhanov Island, ‘Kyiv South Coast’ club
Time: 21:30
Cost: free of charge
Day: June 3
Place: Kyiv cinema (red hall)
Time: 14:30
Cost: 100 UAH

The latest Takeshi Kitano movie screening

A new film by Japanese director Takesi Kitano ‘Outrage Coda’ will be also featured
within the film festival framework. Plot of the film continues from previous parts of
this trilogy about Yakuza: the Japanese criminal syndicate of Hanabishi gets power
after a fierce battle with the Sunna clan. Otomo, the old-fashioned Yakuza, now has a
Korean deputy. Ideally, he would be fishing with his friend, but destiny decides
otherwise. Takesi Kitano is known for films such as ‘Cruel Policeman, ‘Dolls’ and
‘Kikudzhiro’. Last year, his movie ‘Liberation: The Last Chapter’ became the closing
film of Venice Film Festival - one of the most important cinema forums in the world.

Day: May 27th
Place: Kyiv Cinema
Time: 17:00
Cost: 100 UAH
June 2nd
Location: Postal Square
Time: 20:45
Cost: free of charge

Focus Italia at ‘Molodist’

For the first time at the film festival, the program of Italian cinema Focus Italia will
be presented. Seven films will be shown for Ukrainian audience:

1. ‘Cinderella the Cat’ (Gatta Cenerentola) Alessandro Rak, John Cappello,
Marino Guarnieri, Dario Sansone, Italy, 2017, 86';
2. ‘Couch Potatoes’ (Gli sdraiati) Francesca Arquibudgi, Italy, 2017, 120';
3. ‘The Hidden Color of Things’ (Il colore nascosto delle cose), Silvio Soldini,
Italy, Switzerland, 2017, 115';
4. ‘Fortunata’, Sergio Castellitto, Italy, 2017, 103';
5. ‘I'm Endless Like the Space’ (Infinita come lo spazio), Anna Riitta Chikkone,
Italy, 2017, 112';
6. ‘Naples in Veils’ (Napoli velata), Ferzan Ozpetec, Italy, 2017, 113';
7. ‘Tenderness’ (La tenerezza), Gianni Amelio, Italy, 2017, 110'

All films already appeared on the screens of prestigious festivals and obtained
international film awards. For example, film ‘Naples in Veils’ by Ferzan Ozpetec
received 9 nominations and 2 awards of the National Film Award of Italy.
Plot of the film ‘Naples in Veils’ unfolds around Andriana, whose life is surrounded
by secrets. The girl is all on the verge - magic and superstition, insanity and
rationality. One day all this will be changed by an unexpected love and a cruel crime.
Italian program will be available for an audience not only in the capital, but also in
Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa. Apart from that, well-known Italian composer Franco
Eco, the author of the music for a Ukrainian film ‘Chervonyi’ will visit Kyiv. The
Italian will hold a master class in the capital about meaning of soundtracks in movies
and tell how cinema will look in the future. The event will take place within the
‘Workshop of talents’ of the festival.

The program of Italian cinema is presented with the support of the Italian Embassy in
Ukraine and the Italian Institute of Culture in Ukraine.

Day: May 28 - June 3
Place: Ukraine Cinema, Cinema Citi
Cost: 120 UAH

Monochrome version of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Monochrome version of movie ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ directed by George Miller
will be shown at the Molodist festival. Movie is presented within the framework of a
non-competition program on Poshtova Square. According to plot of the film, a
woman is rising against the tyrant-ruler of post-apocalyptic Australia. She takes off to
search for her native land with several female prisoners, a crazy fanatic and a
wanderer named Max.

Director himself considers the black and white version to be the best. Miller said
about this in an interview with The Independent.

Day: May 29th
Location: Postal Square
Time: 20:45
Cost: free of charge
Day: May 30th
Place: Kyiv Cinema (Blue Hall)
Time: 21:30
Cost: 120 UAH

Ptakh Jung will perform at Molodist for free

Free parties on Trukhanov Island, where one of the six locations is situated, will
please visitors of this year's film festival. Within Molodist Midnight Cinema Club a
performance of the musical project ‘Ptakh_Jung’ by the composers Anton Degtyarev
and Vladimir Babushkin will take place at the ‘Kyiv South Coast ‘club. Duet
combines modern classics with electronics, post-rock, grunge and noise. Each
composition is a story with a powerful drama and symphonic depth. At the opening
ceremony, the musicians will perform with the visual artist VJ Reinish, who created
separate video histories for each of a duet`s track.

Day: May 28th
Location: Truhanov Island, club "South Coast";
Time: 21:00
Cost: entrance is free


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