Molodist Kyiv international film festival

Weird, Bizarre, Fantastic: Ukrainian Animation 1970–1990s


Fantastic Kafka-style transformations, contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations, monsters and demons from folk mythology, dreadful germs of a war – these are themes and images that preoccupied the minds of the Ukrainian animated films directors and artists in the 70-80s. These weird, bizarre images that still obsess and intrigue viewers even today were “dragged” to the cinema screens through the animation medium which was the least censored kind of cinema.


A screen adaptation of Stephen King’s writings, a journey to the otherworld, greetings to Gogol, a story of the strange love between a potato and a knife, and much more. All this is Ukrainian animation that you might not know about. These films oscillate between scary and funny, absurd and grotesque. These stories are created and animated by true fans of their craft – directors of the Kyivnaukfim / Ukranimafilm studio. They performed creative tricks in their work, experimented with different styles and created animated films that continue to amaze even today.


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