The official awards ceremony of the 48th Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival was held in the column hall of Kyiv City State Administration. It welcomed a number of guests, namely Head of Ukrainian State Film Agency Pylyp Illienko, members of the International jury of the festival Irma Vitovska, Marija Razgute, Sara SerraioccoNina Anjapharidze, Svitlana Uvarova; TV-star Roza Al-Namri, dancers Kateryna Kuchar and Oleksandr Stoyanov, actor Oleksiy Trytenko etc.


Grygoriy Reshetnik and Oksana Hutsait hosted the celebratory night. 

A Grand Prix of the festival, a ‘Scythian deer’ award and a monetary prize of USD 10 000 from the official partner of the festival and a Grand Prix sponsor Loto-Zabava Lottery from M.S.L. were awarded to ‘Sauvage’ by Camille Vidal-Naquet (France).

The film tells about male prostitution that the protagonist has to take up in order to find love and freedom he’s striving for. He doesn’t know what the future brings for him, but he hits the road anyway.


Giving out the main award of the festival was preceded by a speech given by the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyshchuk‘Molodist Film Festival has gone through different times, and, despite it turning 50 years old in two years, it hasn’t lost its drive and still contains its hip spirit. ‘Molodist’ is a festival that ruins stereotypes and makes way for young artists who are trying to assert themselves in the world of cinema’.


Félix Maritaud, an actor who played the main character in ‘Sauvage’, was the one to receive the award: ‘We tried to reach something that is not visible – you can only feel it. Our character holds out his open hand and invites you to live through the film with him’. 

 Irma Vitovska, President of the International Jury of the festival, pointed out: ‘During the winner announcement the Jury usually says how difficult it was to choose the winner, but not in this case. We watched a lot of films, but this really was the best one.’  

Yevhen Vlasenko, a Vice President of the ‘M. S. L’ State Lottery Operator awarded the winner with a certificate for USD 10 000.

The prize for the Best Feature Film and USD 2 000 certificate from B&H Film Distribution Companythe official film festival partner, was awarded to ‘House of Hummingbird’ by Bo-Ra Kim (South Korea, 2018). Head of the Press Service of B&H film distribution Viktoriia Murovana gave out the prize.


‘I’ve already gotten an award for this film (note: the film was recognized the Best Feature by the Ecumenical Jury as well), but receiving this award is especially important for me! Thank you to the whole ‘Molodist’ festival team and my crew!’, said the directress.

The International program awarded the winners among the Short Film creators as well. ‘Unconditional Love’ by Rafał Łysak (Poland, 2018), a film about an old granny and her gay grandson was recognized best. The winner also got a certificate for USD 2000. The film received the Audience Award as well. Natalya Davydenko, a directress of the Butterfly Deluxe Cinema (a second location of Molodist Film Festival), gave out the award to the winner.

The director thanked his audience: ‘This is such an important prize, as the audience is who we make films for. This is such a great joy and great motivation for me to continue!’.

A USD 2000 prize and a ‘Scythian deer' for Best Student Film were given to ‘How to Fly a Kite?’ by Loránd Gábor (Romania).

The women of the International Jury of the festival and director Nariman Aliyev presented the awards to the winner.

A young jury of the Molodist Teen Screen (teenage cinema) was invited onstage as well. The main prize of the program got the film ‘Too Far Away’ by Sarah Winkenstette (Germany, 2019).

The coveted ‘Scythian deer’ award for the best National film and money prize of UAH 50 000 from Status TM went to the feature ‘In joy’ by Marina Roshchyna (Ukraine, 2018).

Pylyp Illienko, Head of Ukrainian State Film Agency, presented the prize to the winner: ‘This prize is definitely the main award of the ‘Molodist’, as it’s given out to the best Ukrainian film. We’ve supported and will support this festival, as ‘Molodist’ really is a starting point for many talented cinematographers’, noted Pylyp Illienko.

Façade Colour: Blue’, by director Oleksiy Radynski (Ukraine, 2019) got a special mention of the jury diploma for ‘the motivation to protect your home, your city and a sense of beauty around you’.

The director pinpointed: ‘I came out here to say a few words to the heads of our city, maybe that’s how you’ll hear me. Do you really think you can close all the cinemas of our city centre and replace them with shopping malls, do you really think you can build in any part of the city and try to cover this up with some manifestos? If you really think so, you are very wrong’.

A second ‘Special Mention’ of the National Competition got the film ‘Deep Love’ by Mykyta Lyskov (Ukraine, 2019).

The winners of the Sunny Bunny competition of LGBTQ films were awarded as well.

A member of the jury of the Sunny Bunny program Peter Debruge shared his post-films musings: ‘The films that we saw this week were incredible. I think the best word to describe them would be ‘diversity’: the diversity of dealing with the issue of homosexuality in different countries, different stages of its acceptance, and such diverse audiences attending these films’.  

The best LGBTQ film of this year’s competition is a film ‘The Blond One’ by Marco Berger (Argentina, 2018): ‘For using the language of cinema to communicate the attraction between two men in a repressive macho culture where they don’t have the words to express themselves’.

A Special Mention of the jury got the Grand Prix winner, a film ‘Sauvage’ by Camille Vidal-Naquet (France, 2018).

The General manager of Molodist KIFF gave the closing statement of the festival: ‘During these 48 years ‘Molodist’ has really done something to change this country. This is really the festival where you can hear the words of freedom, of liberty, this is a consolidation of our cinematographers. The festival has gotten through the difficult times, but it’s much easier now: a lot of films are made and we even now have a  certain support system of the Ukrainian cinema. And I’m passionately thankful for that to theUkrainian State Film Agency. I would like to wish all cinematographers, both Ukrainian and International ones, to receive an array of prizes. But the most important of all is not to gain a prize, but to stay as you are on your first steps’.

See you at the 49th Molodist KIFF!


The 48th Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival announced the full list of its winners

The International Competion Jury awarded the following films:

A Grand Prix of the festival, a ‘Scythian deer’ award and a monetary prize of USD 10 000 from the official partner and a Grand Prix sponsor Loto-Zabava Lottery from M.S.L. were awarded to ‘Sauvage’ by Camille Vidal-Naquet (France).

The prize for the Best Feature Film and USD 2 000 certificate from B&H Film Distribution Companythe official film festival partner, was awarded to ‘House of Hummingbird’ by Bo-Ra Kim (South Korea, 2018).

The Best Short Film goes to ‘Unconditional Love’ directed by Rafał Łysak (Poland, 2018). The winner also got a certificate for USD 2000.

A ‘Scythian deer’ for Best Student Film and a money prize of USD 2 000 were given to How to Fly a Kite?’, directed by Loránd Gábor (Romania).

Special Mentions of the jury were awarded to the films of the following categories:

Student films:

‘The Summer of the Electric Lion’, dir. Diego Céspedes (Chile);

‘The Jarariju Sisters’, dir. Jorge Cadena (Switzerland).


Short films:

‘Lucia en el limbo’, dir. Valentina Maurel (Costa Rica, Belgium, France);

‘A Cold Summer Night’, dir. Yash Sawant (India).

Feature films:

‘The Day After I’m Gone’, dir. Nimrod Eldar (Israel);

‘Neighbours’, dir. Gigisha Abashidze (Georgia).

Members of the jury:

  • Irma Vitovska / President of the jury
  • Nina Anjapharidze
  • Marija Razgute
  • Sara Serraiocco
  • Svitlana Uvarova

The following films within the National Competition were awarded:

The best National film award goes to ‘In Joy’ by Marina Roshchyna (Ukraine, 2018). She also got a money prize of UAH 50 000 from Status ™.

The following films within the competition were marked with Special jury diplomas:

Deep Love’, director Mykyta Lyskov (Ukraine, 2019);

Façade Colour: Blue’, director Oleksiy Radynski (Ukraine, 2019).

National Competition jury:

  • Leo Soesanto – festival programmer, film critic, France
  • Anastasiya Bukovska – producer, directress, Ukraine
  • Roman Bondarchuk – director, Ukraine

SUNNY BUNNY  LGBTQ films competition jury awarded the following films:

Best LGBTQ film - ‘The Blond One’, dir. Marco Berger (Argentina, 2018)

Special Mention of the jury - ‘Sauvage’ , dir. Camille Vidal-Naquet (France, 2018)


  • Peter Debruge – film critic, USA
  • Joao Pedro Rodríguez – director, Portugal
  • Zhanna Kadyrova – artist, Ukraine

The following films were awarded within the Molodist Teen Screen competition:

The main prize was assigned to the film ‘Too Far Away’ by Sarah Winkenstette (Germany, 2019).

Special jury diplomas went to features:

‘My extraordinary summer with the Tess’, director Steven Wouterlood (Netherlands, Germany, 2019);

‘Bitni’ by Frederike Migom (Belgium, Netherlands, 2019).

Members of the jury:

  • Eva Fisun
  • Lotta Emilia Davydenko
  • Daniil Sautkin
  • Varvara Kobzar
  • Paraskeva Kurochkina
  • Mark Ivanov

The Ecumenical Jury and FIPRESCI jury awarded the following films:

The Ecumenical Jury of the 48th Molodist KIFF awards its prize for the Best Student Film to ‘Provence’ by Kato De Boeck (Belgium, 2018).

The prize for the Best Short Film goes to 'Unconditional Love' directed by Rafael Łysak (Poland, 2018).

The prize for the best feature-length film goes to 'System Crasher' directed by Nora Fingsheidt (Germany, 2019).

Members of the Ecumenical Jury:

  • Lotar Strüber, Germany – President of the jury
  • Oksana Bilousova, Ukraine
  • Dietmar Adler, Germany

FIPRESCI Jury awards its prize for the best film of the 48th Molodist KIFF to ‘House of Hummingbird’ by Bo-Ra Kim (the Republic of Korea, 2018).

Members of FIPRESCI jury:

  • Klaus Eder, Germany – President of the jury
  • Viera Langerova, Slovakia
  • Anton Filatov, Ukraine

An honorary prize of the ‘Molodist’, a 'Scythian deer' for the contribution to the world cinema was awarded to Peter Greenaway.



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