«Visegrad Cinema Days» is a project that focuses on defining the region of Visegrad Group as the cinematic trendsetter of modern Europe and discovering the newest trends and evolution processes in contemporary cinema of the V4 region. The project is funded by International Visegrad Fund.

Unique quality and genre variety of films represented within the project are to make a perfect space to increase awareness of cultural diversity and cross-border intercultural dialogue between Visegrad Group and Ukraine.

To reach this target, Enterprise of Public Organization “International Film Festival “Molodist” will organize Visegrad Cinema Days in Kyiv on November 14 - 20, 2019 by screening films from each of V4 countries. To enhance the project scale “Molodist” will invite relevant film industry experts from each country to set up Q&A sessions after films broadcasting.


The popularity of European cinema is constantly growing among Ukrainian audience so there is a demand to showcase innovative art-house films from neighboring countries to expand people's outlook regarding their traditions, laws, industries and struggles, and engage the viewers with local people who made them. Cinema is one of the most effective ways to explore the world without leaving own country so the films that are going to be selected and screened from each V4 country will focus on local people, their habits and real-life surroundings, feelings and emotions.

“Visegrad Cinema Days” involves four partner organizations from V4 countries:


The project partners will help "Molodist" program department to select movies that will reflect the specificity of each country the best.

Primary target groups of the project are typical viewers of European arthouse films aged 25 – 39 who prefer to watch movies in cinema (active people, who are interested in innovating trends of world cinema art, open-minded and enthusiastic), Ukrainian filmmakers and other relevant film industry experts, students.

The project will be realized in autumn – the best season to go to cinema: after the follies of the summer everyone is back to work and educational establishments. The percentage of cinemagoers is the highest this time of the year. Besides, it is the ideal decision to hide from cold rainy weather that is typical for Kyiv climate during the fall.

Coordinator of the project: Olga Shomska
Coordinator's e-mail: olga.shomska@molodist.com