Molodist Kyiv international film festival
27 March 2024

The SUNNY BUNNY Queer Film Festival, returning for its second year in Kyiv, unveiled new design and announced free festival passes for Ukrainian militaries

The SUNNY BUNNY Queer Film Festival, returning for its second year in Kyiv, unveiled new design and announced free festival passes for Ukrainian militaries

From April 19 to 26, Kyiv will host the Second LGBTQIA+ Film Festival SUNNY BUNNY. The festival team, led by director Bohdan Zhuk, is grateful to the Ukrainian Army for the opportunity to hold a big film event.

Therefore, with great gratitude, we wish to invite Ukrainian soldiers to all festival screenings at the "Zhovten" cinema at the SUNNY BUNNY festival and offer them free passes. We realize the importance of protecting the personal data of the military during wartime, so we invite them to simply come to the "Zhovten" cinema on the first day of the festival and pick up their passes at the festival accreditation desk. You will need to present a military ID or similar document on-site.

Several thousand members of the Ukrainian queer community serve in the Armed Forces now.

Besides, the festival, in partnership with the digital agency Hexagon, introduced the new design for this year's SUNNY BUNNY. The agency is a creative partner of the festival. The new design continues to work with themes of humanity and sincerity. New designs reflect changes in the Ukrainian society. Recent survey results from the National Democratic Institute showed that 72% support equality and protection from discrimination for LGBTQ+ individuals – the ideas of equality are becoming closer to the majority of the country. The proposed macro photographs are a symbolic way to convey this ideological convergence.

"The Majority is Closer" is the main message behind these vivid and textured macro photos; such a presentation can serve as evidence of the evolution in matters of tolerance and human rights, although we understand that some may perceive this as a provocation. Whether the body and its attributes should provoke someone remains a question," says the creative team of our partners, the digital agency Hexagon.

More design examples here

The complete festival program will be published at the beginning of April.

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