Molodist Kyiv international film festival
26 March 2024
The SUNNY BUNNY Queer Film Festival, returning for its second year in Kyiv, unveiled new design and announced free festival passes for Ukrainian militaries


Festival Programs
Non - competition program Клуб італійської кінокласики
Дякуючи нашим захисникам, Клуб італійської кінокласики повертається на великий екран.

Італійський кінематограф 50-80-х років минулого століття став золотим фондом світової культури.

Competition program International Competition
Debut films by emerging directors from all over the world.

The international competition presents both feature-length films and short films.

Competition program National Competition
Short films by Ukrainian directors, produced or co-produced in Ukraine.

The competition has its own jury and prize. It is a great launchpad for aspiring Ukrainian filmmakers. Fiction, documentary and animated short films are accepted into the competition.

Competition program Documentary competition
The new full-length competitive documentary film program, within which directors present their debut works. The program was launched to mark the 50th anniversary of the "Molodist" festival.

The new full-length competitive documentary film program, within which directors present their debut works. The program was launched to mark the 50th anniversary of the "Molodist" festival.

Competition program Molodist Teen Screen
Competition program for the new generation judged by our youngest jury.

An attempt to speak with younger generation in cinematic language and to understand their way of thinking. The program is designed for kids & teens aged 10-14.

Non - competition program Opening Film
Long-awaited reunion!

50th 'Molodist' is here! The festival opens with the winner of '79 rendition of festival, Ivan Mykolaichuk's film 'Babylon XX'.

Non - competition program Festival of festivals
Major films and festival hits are brought to Kyiv in a snap of fingers.

A traditional festival program that has been attracting the attention of audiences and media for over a decade. It includes participants of the official selections and prize winners of the major film festivals of the world – Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, Karlovy Vary, etc. 

Non - competition program Special Events
Free space for a creative dialogue.

A sequence of unusual film events that go beyond the formal framework of the traditional festival programming. 

Non - competition program Ukrainian premieres
A new breath in the world of Ukrainian cinema.

National and world premieres of feature films made in Ukraine or with Ukrainian coproduction.

Non - competition program Midnight special
Films that wake you up and open your mind.

A dreamlike program follows the tradition of late screenings. Here at night unconventional genre films have a special flair.

Non - competition program Forma
Dive into the unconsciousness to surface in a different dimension.

Introduced in 2018, Forma showcases unique experimental and challenging films that prove cinema has yet long to live.

Non - competition program Retrospective program "Century"
Ahead of its time cinema comes back for Molodist screen.

Initiated at the 39th Molodist KIFF, this program is dedicated to centennials of renowned masters of cinema.

Non - competition program Molodist. Back to School
"Back to school" program presents a collection of the best films from Film schools all around the world.

Founded by Josep Maixenchs in 1993, the Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia became the first audiovisual teaching center in Spain with a university degree. Its graduates have achieved a total of 56 Gaudí Awards. Among the notable alumni there are Juan Antonio Bayona, Javier Ruiz Caldera, Mar Coll, Kike Maíllo, Nely Reguera, Dani de la Orden, Roser Aguilar, Óscar Faura, Arnau Valls, Pau Esteve, Eduard Grau, Lluís Castells, Bernat Vilaplana, Jaume Martí, Elena Ruiz, Alberto de Toro.

Non - competition program Closing Film
The finale of 'Molodist' 50!

The final film of the 50th Molodist is Stanislav Kapralov's Egregor, picture about a New York detective who comes to Kyiv to unravel the mysterious tangle of chase and death.

The oldest regular cinema event in Ukraine. 'Molodist', founded in 1970, is now one of the largest cinema events in Eastern Europe according to International Federation of Film Producers Associations
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