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Privacy policy


Information can be personal (directly relating to a particular person or associated with it) and impersonal (data about the site visitor, obtained without reference to a specific person).

The company has access to information obtained in the following ways:

  • while exchanging messages between the Administration and the site visitors by email;
  • information provided by visitors when registering on the site; in the framework of activities conducted by the site administration; via surveys, applications, feedback forms, by making entries in the online registration form;
  • technical information, namely the data on the Internet provider of the visitor, the IP address of the visitor, the characteristics of the used PC and software, data on the files uploaded and uploaded to the site, etc;
  • statistics on the preferences of an individual visitor (viewed pages subject).

Within the meaning of this agreement, only the encrypted data stored on the website’s database and available for viewing only by site administration, may be considered confidential. Personal information voluntarily posted by them in the general sections of the site while filling out registration forms and available to any other user of the site, or information that can be freely obtained from other publicly available sources, is not considered confidential.


The site administration uses modern technologies to ensure the confidentiality of personal data, data obtained from registration forms filled in by the visitors of the site, in order to ensure maximum protection of information.

Access to personal user information is carried out through the phone number authorization system. Users are obliged to take care of the security of authorization data and under no circumstances shall disclose it to third parties. Any changes to user’s personal information made using authorization data will be deemed to have been made personally by the user.

Collection, storage, use, processing and disclosure of information received by the site administration as a result of a private individual (visitor or user) visiting its sites and/or filling out registration forms, including personal data of the users, is carried out by the site administration in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. The private individual (visitor or user) is aware of and agrees to collection and processing of personal data by the site administration within the framework and for the purposes provided by the terms of the User Notice and the Privacy Agreement in accordance with the legislature of Ukraine, and is obliged to notify the site administration in writing of changes in their personal data.

The security of data processing of payment cards and payments is determined by the fact that all data is transmitted over a secure ssl-protocol and is stored in accordance with the requirements of the Visa and MasterCard payment systems. The ticketing system does not receive, store or process payment card data on its side, but displays native interfaces for entering payment information of banks or other payment systems. Thus, on its part, the Administration of the site guarantees the absolute security of payments and data storage of payment cardholders.

Final provisions

By visiting the pages of the site and/or filling out the registration form on the site the visitor automatically accepts the terms of the Privacy Agreement.

The activity of the site administration is carried out in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Any claims, disputes, official appeals will be considered only in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.

The site administration is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses incurred by Users or third parties, as well as for lost profits as a result of the site


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